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how do i get famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


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    What do you want to be famous for? There are lots of bad ways to be famous, but that's not the prescription for a happy and successful life. Maybe you should try to do more volunteer work than anyone ever has - that would be a good way to be famous. Maybe you should apply all your brainpower and creativity to solve some problem that plagues humankind - that could be a good way to become famous.

    Look at who is famous, and figure out what they are famous for - then decide if you want to do any of those things. Don't forget - a person can be famous in her school or hometown, but unheard of outside that setting - that's a kind of fame too, and probably easier to live with. Fame often turns out to be a mixed blessing, so be careful what you wish for!

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    You can become famous in your field with some talent here:

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