My hair is naturally a little wavy, I wish it was straighter so I would have to use a heated straightener?

I don't like using a straightener it damages hair, what to do?!

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    If you are fresh out of the shower, then blow drying your hair straight is a better option to get straight hair without a straightener.

    You will need a flat paddle brush and a blow dryer. Specialized hair products that help control frizz and curl can help make your efforts more successful.

    Apply any hair products to your hair according to the directions on the package. Now the key to straightening your hair while you blow it dry is to work fast so that your hair doesn't have a chance to dry curly or wavy before you can straighten it.

    Run the paddle brush along the underside of a section of hair from root to tip while drying those sections with the blow dryer. It is a good idea to dry your whole head at the same time rather than completely drying one section before moving on to the next. This will give you a more even straightening effect. If you don't have a flat paddle brush then you can use your fingers to comb your hair straight while you blow dry, with pretty decent results. Also, using a touch of hair wax on the hair ends will help prevent them from curling under or out.

    Probably using a bit of heat pretection spray would help, too. Hope this helps!!

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    you mean so you wouldN'T have to use a straightener? just start accepting your hair how it is...wavy can be good-just enhance it with some scrunching, product, and a hair dryer. good products are noodle head products from sallys beauty supply and bumble and bumble surf spray. you gotta start working with what you got or your hair will dry out and start breaking off from damage.

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    you can either blow dry your hair, it makes it slightly more straighter.

    but i would suggest getting the instyler.

    i have it and it doesn't damage your hair, because the ceramic barrel on it rotates instead of pressing on your hair and damaging it.

    and it doesn't take that long as well!

    also, when you straighten it, use a heat protecting spray, like tresemme :)

    good luck!

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