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whats the best ski area in Utah?

Im going to Utah for the season to work and ride. Where should I go and why? Don't say Alta because I'm a snowboarder. I'm looking for steep and deep. Glades and cliffs are a big plus. Affordable lodging is also good. Thanks

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    Snowbird or Powder Mountain.

    Snowbird definitely has the steeps, chutes, and cliffs. It really doesn't have any beginner terrain. Head on over to TGR.com and do a search on the topic. You'll find plenty of information on the subject. Don't post cause the Maggots will probably ridicule you. Another less intense forum with information is EpicSki.com.

    You can take the bus to Snowbird. Stay in town, it's cheaper.

    Powder Mountain. The name says it all. Less crowded too.

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    Snowbird is awesome. Lots of steeps. Your affordable lodging will be in Salt lake City and you can take a city bus to the ski area.

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