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How can I recover all the data that I lost in my Memory stick?!?

I tried to move my data from one full Memory stick into a new Memory stick that I recently bought, and I found many viruses and all that stuff and I moved them to the "healing vault", so that was okay.

The problem is, I was browsing the internet and I pressed Ctrl+W at the SAME TIME something from the data transfer came up!

I didn't realize it at the time, but ALL of my data, my pictures, my notes, my essays, they ALL turned into ... Taylor Swift songs, which were stored SOMEWHERE on my laptop, I don't know where though, and I've tried putting the MS into different slots in the laptop; Nothing is working!!!! :(

Someone please help me! Please!

1.5 GB of data is gone, and turned into a bunch of country songs!

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    You can often successfully recover deleted files from a PC, phone or camera memory card or USB Memory stick, it just depends on what’s happened since the files were deleted.

    When you delete files the data itself isn’t deleted, just the index entry that says where the data for those files is located. The space containing the deleted files is also now marked as free space so it is available to the system for any new files to be written there instead.

    If and when that happens, then it becomes too late to recover your deleted files so it is very, very important to not save any new files or data to the device concerned.

    If the deleted files are on a memory card or USB memory stick, just don’t save any new files to it.

    One of the easiest ways to see if you can recover deleted files is to try some file recovery software. Recommended asoftech recovery as it saved my life many times.


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