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What to get my friend for her birthday?

My friend's birthday is in a couple weeks and I don't know what to get her. She's turning 15 and she's into spiritual things. I was thinking about getting her a book on spirituality but it doesn't seem like enough. What would be a good gift for her? I want it to be special. She also likes astral projection and stuff about the afterlife.

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    You can get her smth really original and sentimental that will remind her of you everytime she looks at it: a 100% hand-made painting from your favorite photo together. I've discovered this website that turns photos into beautiful hand-made paintings and the prices are really affordable too. Here's the link: ..Good luck on finding the right gift!

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    Tarot cards are really good. they sell them at hastings. You could also go to the earthbound type of stores and by her pretty crystals,necklaces, or rings that supposedly have powers. In any random mall they should have those hippie stores. I think she would really like those things

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