Help with IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!?

I have just recently removed everything from my PC and now I need to get all my stuff back on it. I need to transfer all of my songs from my IPOD to my itunes library. How would I do this?

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    Go to and download the iPod to PC transfer software called Tansee iPod Transfer to help you backup all your iPod songs and videos onto your computer.

    The advantage lies in that it utilizes iPod's internal database to display your iPod's files instantly. That means, when you connect your iPod to PC, this program will automatically display all music/videos on your iPod. Once click "Copy" button, all files would be copied onto your selected folder on your PC.

    I advise you to use it. Really save time.

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    Hello, as long as your songs are still on your iPod, you can get them onto your computer and iTunes easily.

    The most convenient and secure way is to use an iPod-to-computer transfer program to help you, like this handy one called Tansee iPod Transfer

    Many of my friends are using it for its easy and safe transfer. The whole process goes as follows:

    Firstly install this program on your computer. When you plug your iPod to the computer, this program will instantly display all songs and videos on the iPod.You simply select what you wish to transfer and click "Copy" button. Done. All your selected files will be copied to your computer safely. Now you can easily add those songs and videos to your iTunes library. See detailed guide.

    More importantly, this won't overwrite any original files on your iPod. And all song names are preserved.

    Here is step-by-step guide on the whole process:

    Best luck!

    You can also search more other ways at

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    If your songs are purchased from iTunes store, Plug in iPod to computer, then go to iTunes menu "File-> Transfer purchases", It will copy your bought songs from iPod to computer.

    Or You may refer to this guide, it will show you the detail steps to transfer files from iPod to computer or iTunes, including music, video, playlist, photo, etc. It's easy to understand and works pretty well for me.

    Email me if you need further assistant or use to search for more information.

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    I faced the same probem. In fact, you can use an ipod to computer transfer program to help.I personally use Cucusoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer.It helps me to transfer all my songs/videos/photos/playlists etc from ipod back to my computer directly and safely.It works well for me,you can give it a try.

    Free download it at:

    It even has step-by-step guide on the whole process.

    Hope it helps.

    You can keep asking on or use to search more

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    Full guide: Transfer songs, videos, photos and playlists from iPod to Computer or iTunes


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    ya you can do that. go to and find some trusted programs

    heres one..

    hope it helps!! :)

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