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did I loose my mucus plug???? PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY?

Me and my husband had sex two nights ago, I had a little discomfort afterward, but no blood or anything. The next morning I went to the bathroom and there was a stool of light color blood, but when I wiped it was a discharge with a couple of lines of blood, no heavy bleeding at all. My baby has been moving a lot still, but I have been having the urge to go to the bathroom all day long. Please help I don't know what to expect or what's happening to my body.



I am currently 36 wks and 5 days

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    Maybe. Could be another week or two, or could be today. My wife lost hers and after having her doctor "Strip the membranes", the baby came the next day. The hospital were idiots, said she had plenty of time over the phone even if the water does break. A few hours later the baby was born on the ambulance. Note that it isn't always a gush of water like they say, sometimes its a slight trickle and you hardly notice it, this is what happened with us. Use your instinct, better safe than sorry...never hurts to call the hospital and ask...but they were wrong in our case, so use your best judgement along with it.

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    Well how many weeks are you? That would help. If you're close to the end, the plug coming out doesn't mean much, since lots of women lose it weeks and weeks before they go into labor, but if you're really concerned you should ask your doctor.

    It is perfectly normal to lose your mucus plug at 36 weeks. It means you're getting close to labor. :)

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    It sounds like it may be especially with the urge to urinate,have you any pain or niggly pain,the best 1 to call would be your midwife to ask her advise right away if it's to early to go into labour .Hope it helps.Good Luck.

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    Call your doctor...

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