25 weeks, haven't felt any movement today....?

Last night I went into L&D due to bad cramping. Everything was fine said it was from round ligament pain. Feeling much better today! Also was told babies heartbeat was very healthy.

That was about 16 ago. he was VERY active then. I stayed in bed longer today, till 5 hours ago.

I just realized I have not felt him move since last night. (I have yet to wake up from movement and was sleeping this morning during another active time he has. So he could have been move before the last 5 hours of not feeling him.)

How long can I go without feeling him move and still be ok? Generally, how often should someone 25weeks feel movemnt?

I was going to drink OJ but don't have any right now.

What are your thoughts?


I figured this would happen: I'd post the question and he'd start moving. Argh! hes not even a teen yet and causing mommy worries!

Thanks all whos answered. He's kicking me now!!!

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    I would drink lots of water and load up on snack cakes...something sweet.

    At this point in your pregnancy, the baby sometimes moves and you can't feel it as often. I'm only 22 weeks and the baby doesn't kick as much as he did at 17 weeks. I think he just got bored with it lol. You should also remember that your baby is growing and it losing room in there each week.

    Everything should be fine.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Mom of 22 month old and 22w4d pregnant.
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    i'm effective she's doing in simple terms superb. the picture of us, little ones may have lazy days too! from time to time if toddler is laying such as her legs and palms dealing with your decrease back, it will be difficult to sense circulation. there have been some days i did not sense my little guy flow all day and then different days he moved a lot it made me opt to vomit lol. once you're truly in contact, call the record and he or she what he/she says. once you're feeling any circulation in any respect though, you mustn't difficulty too a lot :)

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    Drink some ice cold water, that always got mine to kick.

    Also try a warm bath or laying in a dark, QUIET room and pay attention!

    If you don't feel anything after 1-2 hours call L&D ASAP.

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    pay close attention and if doesnt make a move before bedtime, you should call ur dr. he can send u to hospital for an ultrasound just in case.

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