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Are these good grades?

I am in a gifted program (SP)

These were my grades in 7th grade. I want to see if I have a good chance of getting into this school:

The grade requirement for each class is 90.

English 7 SP HONORS- 90

French 7- 95

Social Studies 7 SP HONORS- 96

Math 7 SP HONORS- 90

Physical Ed 7- 95

Science 7 SP HONORS- 95

BAND 7- 97

These are my grades now (Eighth grade)

I am in a regents class.

English 8 SP HONORS- 90


Earth Science- 98

Integrated Algebra- 94

I do not know the grades of other classes.

Are these good grades?


My English state test score is

678 - Level 3- Category: High


705- level 4

Days late: 4

Days absent:3

Im worried about my absences and the days I was late.:(

Update 2:

Yeah, I took the SHSAT already.

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    I think you're grades are good and surpass the requirements for the school you are going for. Since you want to go to a NYC school, I would recommend you try out for a specialized high school if you are worried about your grades. The specialized schools only look at the results of your SHSAT (google it if you don't know about this). When I was in your grade, my grades were almost exactly the same and I tried out for a school with the same requirements (Goldstein) and I got in! I had less lates than you but I had over 15 absences. So I think you have great chances of getting in.

    Source(s): Brooklyn Tech High School student
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    Yeah I guess as long as you're grades are consistent they're good. You don't want to drop like 9% or something. That would look bad. I would know. I'm in gifted too and I have to keep all of my grades above 90% or I'm on gifted probation :P. Hope you get in! P.S. As you Progress through school its gets harder, so your grades are bound to drop somewhat

    Source(s): I'm in gifted too
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    yeah they are as long there above 85 then there good enough

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