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How do i explain this to my father?

Today is my birthday and i got an invitation to sit on this really hot guy's lap. Of course i did, it would be rude to not accept an invite. How do i explain to my dad that i did the right thing and he is wrong?

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    just tell him your a slut, in sure he'll understand

    :) lol

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    It doesn't sound that serious, but your dad is just seeing his girl grow up and take a intrest in guys, which might not be such a bad thing if guys weren't taking a intrest in you, but they are and he sees that so as innocent as sitting in a guys lap can be, your dad sees it a whole diffrent way and pretty much anything you say isn't going to make him feel okay, because he's a dad, i know it's annoying.

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    Tell him it is part of your community service. He'll have to understand that you're doing the right thing by helping others!

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    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Did you tell your dad this? did he find out? if you didn't tell your dad than don't tell him. If you are going to tell him say........ No, i'm not going to answer this because why would tell your dad that? sorry.

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    you are wrong and your dad was right

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    Why does he need to know? O_o

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