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Does it help if tall plants are partially covered by one of those large garbage bags?

I partially covered one of my plants with a big garbage bag so that it will be better insulated in the morning when it's really cold. Does this help? Or will the plant die? I didn't tape the garbage bag to it or anything, and there's still plenty of space at the bottom to let air in because it's over 5 feet tall. Or are there bags specifically used to cover plants? If so, where would I find those and what are they called? Thanks so much!

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    Have you tried burlap sacks? Growing up in Missouri, we would put at least 3 inches of mulch at the base of each tree. We then wrapped burlap bags around the tree from base to top, and tie the bags around the trees with garden twine. The trees wintered that way with little/to no damage. Once the temps. got warmer the burlap bags come off and are stored until the following year. Hope this will work for you.

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    A plastic bag will provide a bit of insulation, but not much. Also, where ever the plastic touches the plant that part of the plant will still freeze. There needs to be a dead air space between the plastic and plant to provide any insulation. And if the bag can reach the soil, there is a certain amount of warmth in the soil that can help protect as well. There is a product called tunnel row cover that can be used to protect against frost but I've never seen any that would cover a five foot tall plant. Some northern gardeners build a wood frame over the plants and cover that with plastic which offers quite a bit of protection.

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    Hondu is right.... anywhere that plastic bag touches the plant, the plant there will freeze..... never use plastic to cover against frost UNLESS it's held up off the plants by a frame of some kind so that it doesn't touch the plant anywhere..... and then, you MUST remove plastic as the sun comes up and starts to warm things, so the plant doesn't 'cook' under the plastic..... much better to use cloth or paper or row cover material....

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    The bag is not going to keep the plant warm. The only time you would put a bag on a plant is if it is going to "frost" that night.

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