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how big should my penis be?

i am fourteen years old and want to know how big my penis should be.

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    A normally developing 14 year old boy could be in any one of the five stages of puberty and, as the penis grows during puberty, penis size will vary considerably in normal boys. To say how big your penis should be, then, is impossible. A normal 14 year old boy who hasn't started puberty may have an erect penis which is only, say, 2 inches long while a normal fully developed 14 year old boy boy will have a penis which has reached its full adult size...on average a little under 6 inches. For what it's worth an average size for a 14 year old would probably be about 4 inches, then.

    A boy's penis doesn't begin to grow until about a year after he started puberty when his testicles began to grow at about, on average,11 1/2 years old. If you started at the average age and develop at an average rate, you should complete penis development sometime between your 15th and 16th birthdays. Hope this helps!

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