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how busy is disneyland california in january?

i'm surprising my friend by taking her to disneyland in january, which is a while away, but better early than late!

she hardly ever goes to disneyland and hasn't been on half the rides and we're in middle school.

i'm gonna surprise her, so her mom will know, but she won't know, not until we get there. :)

the days we are goin is january 16 or january 22

on the 16th is a sunday, but martin luther king jr.'s birthday is on that monday, so no school the next day! the 22nd is just a saturday. we aren't sure what day we'll take her, but i wanna know how busy days like these in january, not summer or spring, but january are.


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    The attendance is pretty low in January except for January 1st. During the week is best and the weekends are busier. During the week you may have 10,000-15,000 people and on the weekend maybe 30,000-45,000. Also depends on the weather. If it's cold or rainy you can pretty much walk onto the rides. There is always more people there is the weather is good.

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    Mid/Late January is one of the few "off-season" periods left for Disneyland.

    Martin Luther King Jr Holiday is actually not one of the busier holidays. The main reason is that this is so soon after the Christmas/New Year period that not many people are making travel plans.

    There probably will not be much difference between going on the 16th or the 22nd. The 16th may be slightly higher crowds just because it is a Sunday(which has less Passholders blocked out) and the Monday is a Holiday. But even with that both days should be very manageable in terms of crowds. Your longest wait times will probably be in the 45-60 minute range, but will have several rides that will be walk-on's or very minimal waits. However, one down side of the reduced crowds is that they use this time to do refurbishments on various attractions. So you will also be going at a time when there will be at least a couple of rides down for refurbishment.

    Since January is one of the months with the highest average rainfall, if you can wait to decide you may want to wait until a few days before the 16th. If the 16th looks like rain then schedule it for the 22nd and hope for the best then.

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    Well for one, it's going to depend on the weather. It can be full of cold & storms in January. Take a peek at the history of our weather patterns for the month of January. I was at Disneyland 2 nights ago to get a 1 year pass. It was CROWDED. If you go, try to target a week day. Also, telephone them to ask about january, first ask to speak to someone who has worked there for a number of years (make this your first question) Then ask. They will know this answer more than anyone who types in an answer here.

    I just did a weather look-up & January's history seems to be near the 70's which is good (if it repeats) but evening is VERY cold, plan to get a locker with warm jackets & maybe wear ugg boots for the evening, you don't want to miss the fireworks show.

    Also, I'd go on Sunday the 16th & skip Saturday the 22nd if you can. If it's possible to change the date to a Tuesday through Thursday, that would be even better. Less crowds makes it so much more enjoyable. When I was there Friday night, it was SO crowded, elbow to elbow, every line, food, snacks, rides, benches... we had to hike maybe 5 miles from the car to the ticket booth. FULL long lines & no where to find peace. You couldn't even walk in peace. Felt like herds of cows everywhere. Check with different phone numbers, including the hotel to see what the crowds are like & on which days are lightest. Sunday would definitely be better than Saturday. The whole world goes on Saturday. Ugh.... During the week would be heaven though.

    Have fun!!!

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    January is one of the least busiest times at Disneyland. It shouldn't be too packed on either of those dates. Have fun!

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    well january isn't actually busy at all..its when they have the least amount of it would be a good time to go

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