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Need help with carbon?

My tank just had ich and the mediactions told me to remove my carbon, my ich mediaction is done and my fish are now okay, do i put the old carbon back or do i put it back ,it has been 5 days and i put the carbon in a bucket with no water, besides the water it contains. I have whisper ex30 filter on my 29gallon. What should i do? Should i put the old one back or buy a new one.

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    What carbon does is absorb impurities from the water. It does not lose its' ability because it dries out. It was dry when you bought it, right. It loses its' ability to absorb due to clogging of the many small holes in the carbon particles. This clogging may happen quickly in a filthy tank or take a long time in a really clean tank.

    However, the old carbon will probably still have ich parasites in it or eggs of the ich parasites just waiting for fresh water to hatch and begin the infestation all over again. Throw it out and scrub the bucket with bleach to kill any ich cysts or eggs. Never reuse carbon that has been removed before medication of a sick tank.

    I do not use carbon in any of my tanks. I use the old carbon cartridges as extra filter media to catch the larger particles of debris in my tanks with HOB filters. In my other tanks, I use plastic box filters that sit inside the tank, under the water. They are powered by air and when the filter floss gets clogged with debris, I throw it away and replace it with clean floss. I use 100% polyester pillow stuffing as replacement floss, it is much cheaper than buying it in the fish stores and it works just as well.


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    I would suggest putting new carbon, as the old carbon may have ich on it. It's not a good risk to take.

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    Carbon is only effective for 4 weeks and then need replacing.

    If you took the carbon out and did not keep it soaking in some tank water,

    then it is no good. You will have to throw it out, and buy a new one.

    Get some liquid bacteria to use in your tank, as all medicines always

    kill of a lot of the bacteria in the tank.

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    It would be best to throw out your old carbon at this point. Replacing it is optional, you don't need to always be running the filter with it.

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    Buy a new one. Don't risk putting the white spot back into the tank.

    Well, that's what my treatment recommends.

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