is it worth going to an prestigious college?

ok i am a straight A high school student but i am wondering if it is really worth going to a college like yale,harvard,nyu,stanford,columbia etc. vs. going to your public state university (where you got a full-ride scholarship to). do you think im better off going to an prestigious school where most of the people who apply there had one of the best grades in there high school or am i better off going to my public state university where i got my full ride scholarship from and where straight C students usually apply too? and Does it really matter what college you go to when looking for a job in the medical field (not doctors i mean something like Rn nurse,therapists,nutritionist,psychologists etc.)? Plus do you get a better education in an prestigious college vs. a public state university?

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    Many state schools are just as prestigious as the top schools - like Berkeley, UT Austin, U Michigan, UVA, and U Washington for starters. No, it doesn't really matter unless you want the kind of job that tends to hire Harvard grads only, and that's not most jobs. If you want to go to medical or graduate school, it helps a lot to go to a great school, but it doesn't have to be a top private school or an ivy. Top schools can demand a higher standard of student, so they can expect a lot more from them and teach harder classes - but you can get a similar education in an honors program at a large university.

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