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what is the definition of self medication?


lets say the doctor tells you that you need to take a certain medication and in a certain dosage and you still take it but you can not afford to buy it normally and you get it another way would that still be considered self medication?

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    If the drug is prescribed to you then it doesn't matter where you get it, well it does but as long as it is prescribed that is not self medicating. Self medicating is using drugs that are NOT prescribed in order to minimize symptoms.... many people self medicate with pot, or alcohol. I have a bottle of Vicoden that I was prescribed when I dislocated my shoulder.... that was months ago and I have no pain but when I can't sleep I will take one with a beer to help me sleep. That is self medicating.

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    Medicate Definition

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    I have great respect for Tai Chi Chuan. The Tai Chi Chuan people who train for combat can generate a lot of power in their strikes. However, I consider self-defense and good health to be two different things. Self-defense is exactly what you described. It's when someone attempts to take action to harm you, whether it is empty hand, with a weapon, or a whole bunch of attackers attacking at once. You do what you have to do to neutralize the threat, and this is all based on whatever style you are trained in. And different styles have different approaches to self-defense. As for taking care of your health, I believe this is based on the lifestyle choices that you make. Do you exercise regularly? Do you eat well? Do you consume substances that are harmful to your health? Do you take steps to prevent illnesses? I think these are based on your decisions and your priorities. Doing certain things will increase your chances of having good health, but there are no certainties in life, and there are always exceptions to the rule. I consider this different from however you are trained to deal with attackers who want to harm you. Just my opinion.

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    Self-medication is use of a drug with therapeutic intent but without professional advice or prescription

  • Self-medication is use of a drug with therapeutic intent but without professional advice or prescription.

    I self medicate everyday unfortunately, if you do self medicate please seek help it is very dangerous


    Source(s): I came very close to death after self medicating and overdosing before.
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    Medicating yourself for a problem without a doctor's supervision.

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    exactly what it sounds like. its like when you dont need/ dont follow doctors prescription dosage. term used to describe the use of drugs (including alcohol) or other self-soothing forms of behavior to treat untreated and often undiagnosed mental distress, stress and anxiety including mental illnesses and/or psychological trauma

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