Would a Boise State TCU National Championship be possible?

If Boise and TCU run the table and Auburn and Oregon lost a game each do you think it would be Boise v TCU or would a one loss team jump over one or both of them? Would you enjoy a Boise TCU game?

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    If Boise State and TCU stay undefeated, and both Auburn and Oregon stumble and lose a game, a NC game with Boise State and TCU is not only possible, it's quite likely to happen.

    It's impossible to predict how the Harris Poll and Coaches Poll would cast their ballots in that situation but if you look at the point totals in the latest polls, the 4 undefeated teams have huge leads over the highest ranked one loss team. (#5 Wisconsin in both polls)

    TCU and Boise State are already getting about as many #1 votes as Auburn. And so far this year, no one loss team has received any #1 votes in either poll.

    But who knows what the voters will do. They could collectively stay with their established pattern or they could yield to their biases and keep Oregon or Auburn at #2 ahead of the one or both of non-BCS conference schools. If Oregon or Auburn lose a game because of a fluke play or bad referee call, keeping that team at #2 could be justified.

    The computer 1/3 of the BCS is easier to predict. The two major components of all 6 computer ranking systems are win/loss records and strength of schedule. A loss to #12 Alabama would help Auburn's SOS some, but the loss itself would drop them down below TCU and probably Boise State in the computer rankings. TCU is already ranked #2 by the computers.

    So it would depend on how the poll voters shift their support and how the math works out when the computer 1/3 is averaged into the result. But with the scenario you suggest, I'm guessing we'd see a TCU vs. Boise State NC game.

    Yes, I would enjoy a TCU vs. Boise State NC game. I think we're in for a treat with any match ups involving those 4 awesome teams. It should be an exciting finish to a great college football season.


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    Though TCU and Boise State both play tougher schedules than Oregon, neither will play for the championship this year. Too much money is involved from the big conferences to let a non BCS school into the game. A one loss Auburn team will still be in the game and Wisconsin/LSU would magically jump at least one of the two non BCS schools up there. Auburn would have to lose twice, Oregon would have to lose, LSU would have to lose, and Wisconsin would have to lose.

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    I don't know if it's possible. But if the NCAA doesn't want a heap of trouble coming their way they had better find a way to make it happen if that scenario played out. Every year there's more and more controversy. There's even been the threats of Congress getting involved. If the two teams that play for the championship have a loss and the third and fourth ranked teams are undefeated and don't get a shot at a championship, well I can't see that going by without some sort of change being forced on them in the future. I'm sure most of the baseball executives hated the thought of a San Francisco vs. Texas World Series and the ratings were dismal because of that matchup. But those two teams earned it. The NCAA stacks the deck to try and insure a championship game that everybody will watch so the money keeps flowing in.

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    I enjoyed it last year when boise beat tcu. But both of those teams in the national championship will not happen. Auburn won't make it because cam newton will end up being found quilty of taking money. And even if oregon looses one game they will still get in because of the bcs computers. They love style points and oregon has alot of them this year because of their offense. Oregon vs tcu will be the championship game.

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  • Tyler
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    I still think a 1 loss team would make it in over one of those two teams. So even if Auburn lost a game, they would still go to the SEC championship. If they won the SEC championship they would jump either Boise State or TCU and still make it into the national championship.

  • Possible but not likely. If Auburn was to lose a game, I still think they would play in the National Championship against TCU. Their strength of Schedule is strong enough to lose to Alabama on the road where they wouldn't fall below Boise State. I think Boise State is S.O.L. and well be on the outside looking in.

  • john
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    Not if Auburn and Oregon go undefeated. Also if Auburn loses, LSU could play for it because their schedule is way tougher than BSU or TCU's. I would not enjoy BSU v TCU take 2 because I want to see them play a major team this year, but not for the title.

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    Pizza Eater -

    LOL! What the hell does that mean? The big conferences have no say about who plays in the NC. In fact, the BCS has no say who'll play in the NC game. The BCS's own bylaws state the #1 and #2 teams play in the NC game. The three polls decide who the #1 and #2 teams are, NOT the BCS or the big conferences.

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    only if Auburn and Oregon both lose

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    No.TCU would kill them.First of all I don't think Oregon or Auburn will lose.

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