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Is there any good medical journals to subscribe to?

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    "Missy" has made two good suggestions. You don't mention your age, educational level or specific focus of your interests, or the extent of your financial resources. Compared to your average periodical like Readers Digest, medical journals can be very expensive. Googling Missy's suggestions will get you connected with each publication's website and you should be able to find a 'Subscription' link. You must remember that medical journals are written for physicians or closely allied health professionals and can be daunting to those without some form of medical education. These days, a good deal is being written about genetics and this topic is EXTREMELY complex, not the simple stuff you took in high school. I read medical textbooks as a hobby from my early 20s up to now (age 65) and I tried the New England Journal of Medicine for a year. I did not renew because even with my background, the going was tough in some areas. I did see a number of groundbreaking studies that I devoured eagerly. Google the NEJM and sign up for their free emails of the current week's "Table of Contents" (TOC). Most journals offer TOC service. The NEJM is unusual in that in addition to being able to read abstracts of articles, many complete articles are availalble free and can be downloaded in .PDF format. All the groundbreaking studies are availabe for free. In contrast, The Lancet gives NOTHING away for free. The Brits say it's the most prestigious general medical journal in English. In North America, the NEJM has that designation. I'd recommend signing up for the TOCs, reading the free stuff and abstracts and THEN decide if you want to commit to either an online or print copy subscription. You will be able to judge your ability to digest this stuff before you part with a wad of cash.

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    JAMA = Journal of the American Medical Association


    The Lancet which is a British publication.

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    "i'm a third 3 hundred and sixty 5 days medicine student.... i desire to get entangled in some intense study" - geez, i might wish you're already doing "some intense study". My answer on your question: enroll in the recent England magazine of medicine and heavily and thoughtfully examine the Case records of MGH each difficulty. additionally examine the different study articles for a style of what study is being achieved and for brand spanking new suggestions. yet, as an application of the variety of thinking necessary in medicine, those case records won't be able to be beat. while you're in scientific college, you do not even could subscribe - basically flow to the college's library. there are a number of different journals available yet usually do not comprise examples of scientific analytic thinking/diagnostics - the main intense step in affected person care.

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