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Dog has sarcoptic mange.. Help?

After way too many vet trips, they finally diagnosed him with sarcoptic mange.. It's pretty bad and he just started a new medication. The vet did not give us any shampoo or anything, does anyone know any good shampoo I could wash him with? Also it took so many trips to the vet and so much medication for him to finally say it was mange. First it was a skin irritation then allergies. I'm starting to question if he knows what he is doing. Although he is supposedly a very good vet

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    Sarcoptic mange can be difficult to diagnose. The mites can be hard to see, even with a skin scraping, and are often confused with allergies.

    If your dog is getting a medication like Ivermectin, that should clear it up without the use of a medicated shampoo.

    My mothers vet suggested she use Adams shampoo along with the Ivermectin.

    Ask your vet if he is okay with your doing that.

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    Sarcoptic mange is VERY hard to diagnose for a few reasons: the symptoms closely mimic those of allergies, and the mites are extremely hard to find with a skin scrape.

    The life cycle of the mite means that you'll only find them on a skin scrape, even if they are quite prolific on the dog, if you do the skin scrape at precisely the right time in the mite's life cycle. Most dogs with sarcoptic mange are diagnosed with the so-called "maybe mange' test, which is treating for sarcoptic mange and seeing if the dog improves.

    I went through this with my own dog, and all skin scrapes were negative. Treating for it (which in our case was a series of ivermectin injections) resolved the problem and confirmed the diagnosis.

    You don't actually need to bathe him to treat it. The medication will work.

    If you feel he is still insanely itchy, call the vet back and ask if you can give him diphenhydramine (Benadryl). This will quell the itching, but you need to get the right dose and schedule from your vet.

    Here's an excellent link on sarcoptic mange:

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    To determine if there are mites on the skin the vet would have to do a test called a skin scrape. Then they look at the sample under the microscope for mites. Sometimes it comes back negative in the beginning stages despite the fact that the mites are there, they're just not in the sample collected. U can try an oatmeal shampoo, it won't treat mites or irritation but it will help to remoisturize the skin. Give the treatment time, it should help. Hope ur dog gets better soon!

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    If he couldn't figure it out the first time... I would go to another vet. I don't know if it's a good idea to wash your dog while he/she is on meds and has mange. I would ask a vet about washing him/her. They would probably also suggest the best shampoo.

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    Get a second opinion, he is obviously a rubbish vet!

    Sarcoptic mange is contagious and needs to be treated. I suggest ring another vet tomorrow and go and see them. Or if you have pet insurance they usually have a freephone vet help number for you to ring to get some advice

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    skin issues in dogs are very tricky to diagnose. Your vet has done nothing wrong. Often with tough cases such as skin issues, the doctor may rule out other illness/disorders through treatment. It is like a limp or vomitting-could be 1000 things. It is your responsibility to contact your veterinarian and ask him what shampoo to use, if any. It's your responsibility to keep the doctor updated as well.

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    Try a dog shampoo that has Benzoyl Peroxide. I know it worked very well for a dog groomer I worked with. You can find it online pretty cheap.

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