What is Bangladesh like? Is it like India? Is it safe to go on bus?

I was wondering what you can tell me about Bangladesh and is it pretty safe going to Nepal from India on the bus then From Nepal to Bangladesh on the bus.

Are there busses from Nepal to Bangladesh by the way? If not how to I jump over India to Bangladesh. I have to india tourist visa in India now and once i leave india i cant come back in India.

Can I reenter Nepal once I leave Nepal?

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    Indians and Bangladeshis are born con artists beware of them,I was cheated,robbed and when I went to report I was thrashed and humiliated by the Police in Mumbai and Dhaka.

    Source(s): Me a Singapore born male.
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    1 decade ago

    I know what is the feeling of the respondent "Globe Trotter" (First NameW) when she made those generalized comment. I saw her Profile and came to know that she is from Singapore and I am sorry for what she got in Bangladesh.

    India and Bangladesh are no where near to the tranquility, peace and security one would get in Singapore. But we are not in a war-zone and also we are not like Somalia or Ethiopia. It is always safe to be careful. Our police departments as well as on-arrival customs people are known to be corrupt and they would harass people, foreigners in particulars so that they can extract money.

    Please have local counterpart or contacts accompany you if you are visiting places, particularly if those are remoter places.

    As far as the travel by Bus is concerned, avoid night-coaches as far as possible as these are sometimes target of the thieves or robbers and accidents, not many cases though.

    About Visa requirements to enter/leave Bangladesh, please contact Bangladesh High Commission / Embassy in India and Nepal respectively.

    There is no direct Bus Service between Bangladesh and Nepal. However, we have Bus services between Bangladesh and India through Benapole/Petrapole in the West and BrahmanBaria-AkhauraAgartala in the East.

    Hope above answers your queries.

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    Wouldn't India's YA be the best place ask?

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