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Which type of shampoo/conditioner works best? Pantene Medium-Thick or a Tresemme Product?

I have really frizzy hair. I think it might be dry. I don't have a personal stylist to be honest. I've tried a lot of products but I don't know which one to use. I've heard Pantene Medium-Thick works but I tried that and minimal anti-friz happened. I've heard tresemme is a good company but I need suggestions in their products

I've Already Used-

Suave Sleek shampoo and conditioner

Garnier- Sleek anti-friz shampoo and conditioner(I think that's it)

Pantene- Old version as well as new version


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    The hair industry is a billion dollar business, and you're their number 1 customer. They also do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse'. They say anything they want, and show beautiful models with beautiful shiny not frizzy hair, because it's all part of marketing, to get your attention. Their job is to make tons of money, but they don't tell you everything why, what, when and how.

    Your hair is frizzy. There are tricks to make your hair less frizzy, and drying comes from too much HOT water, sun exposure, chemicals, etc. Shampoos are meant to clean, and conditioner to help condition but NONE can cure or reverse the 'cause' of why your hair is frizzy, dry, etc. . . . It is the method of HOW you style your hair.

    Any of those products you have should have done magic for you. Finger comb your hair to prevent less frizzy. Set them in plastic curlers, blow-dry, take them out, finger comb or tousle the hair and you're good to go. This will make the hair softer, sexier, even silkier. It also add bounce to the hair that felt like 'hay'.

    Source(s): I know hair. I have over 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80's & 90's. I've known people in their 30's whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70's.
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    I used to have pretty frizzy hair too, I used tressemme(pretty sure it was teh smoothing one-it had a green/blue colour accent) and it was pretty good.I have tried fructis sleek and shine-it left my hair really shiny, but not soft and it wasn't very moisturising. I have also tried Pantene always smooth and it was really good, but I switched to tressemme soon after. I find that shampoos stop working after a while and I have to switch :(

    Currently i'm using the l'oreal elvive anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, it's really good-it leaves my hair really soft and nice. I also use a l'oreal hair mask once a week but i don't really like it because it smells bad(vanilla/buttery kinda smell D:) and it's not that good, i have to finish it bc i dnt want to waste money :| . I've used a schwarzcoff(not sure how to spell) hair mask and it was pretty good. You could also try applying smoothing serum to your ends or use leave-in conditioner once in a while.

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    i dont trust pantene for some reasons,i do use Tresemme hair spray to protect my hair from heat, i recently used the treseme shampoo but made my hair very dry. i used deep conditioner of Tresemme but no result. i think all products are same. im using diff kind of products for years and i still didnt find the best one. i also have a frizzy hair.

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    What I would do in your case is go to the hairdresser and cut off dead ends.

    Than use these natural products, they're the best for your hair!

    -an egg is really good to nourish your hair (your hair will be greasy for a couple of days but the result will be amazing!)

    -using beer on your hair makes your hair shiny (don't worry; it doesn't smell when it's dry)

    -Make your own conditioner with a papaya and some milk (just mix it up) to make your hair silky smooth!

    I know it sounds weird but just try in sometime!

    It works on me!

    Good luck

    PS: I agree with the second paragraphe of Sur La Mer!

    You really should find the reason of your frizzy hair!

    Source(s): I read it in a magazine a couple of years ago and been doing it ever since (monthly or two monthly)
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    use the tresemme. pantene builds up on the hair and make sure your conditioning also. then go buy some frizz ease and start putting that in your wet hair. you will notice and immediate difference. and remember to always comb your hair when wet. never brush it when its wet. and when you do comb it start at your ends and work your way up to the scalp. i know its a pain in the *** but your hair will thank you. you might also want to consider a leave in conditioner like infusium 23. just spray it in and comb it through. if you get the infusium 23 and the frizz ease use the infusium first then the frizz ease.

    Source(s): I am a professional stylist and have been doing hair for almost 20 years. I work at The Parlor
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