Which countries now have full-electric car technology besides China and Japan?

BYD e6 electric full-size SUV: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BYD_e6

Nissan LEAF compact electric car: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Leaf

* Chevrolet Volt is not full-electric besides it needs gasoline as fuel.

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    It depends upon what you mean by "full-electric car technology" and by asking "which countries"...

    Electric cars are not a national phenomena. They are things. National policies can promote electric cars but to my knowledge no country has nationalized an electric car building company and is producing electric cars on their own. Corporations may give some a feeling of national pride or identity but many corporations are multi national and may hold allegiance to no country.

    Countries and areas that promote electric cars with incentives are more likely to attract corporations that are making electric cars. Such companies are in some ways not very different than other corporations. If an area will provide certain grants, property, utilities, or tax incentives then companies are more likely to build a plant in that location. Having cheap labor and reasonable lines of supply are also a plus. Selling their products may require a different set of incentives to attract buyers.

    A case in point may be "Better Place." http://www.betterplace.com/ This company does not make cars. They sell a battery swapping service. They have several international initial target locations including: Israel, Denmark, Australia and Hawaii, San Francisco and Canada. The nissan leaf was to be a part of their system and may be in the future. For now they are swapping batteries on the Renault Fluence ZE. http://www.betterplace.com/ By some measure this might be considered a "full-electric car technology," but to what country are you going to attribute this technology? Shai Agassi, the companies founder and CEO has lived in California and Israel.

    The Tesla Roadster is an American company and a media success. It is now selling their cars internationally, but the actual number of vehicles sold is presently just over 1000.1 Their are many lessor known electric vehicle companies that may happily sell you a vehicle that is hardly a production run. For a full production run of a full electric vehicle (BEV: battery electric vehicle) that is fully highway capable in the US we are looking to the Nissan Leaf as a first. Zap vehicles have been built in China for years and sold by an American Company internationally as motorcycles but we might not necessarily put these in the same class as the Nissan Leaf. The same may be true of other of the ess expensive Chinese cars.

    I would agree that the Volt is not a "full electric" vehicle, but it is more electric than the more parallel hybrid prius. From a purist point of view perhaps even a BEV is not a pure electric vehicle as it uses chemistry in the batteries. A pure electric might use ultracapacitors for storage or something like this: http://electric-vehicles-cars-bikes.blogspot.com/2...

    Source(s): 1 "Tesla had produced more than 1,200 Roadsters sold in at least 28 countries as of July 2010" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_Roadster
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