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Top 5 AFC & Top 5 NFC teams?

In your opinion which 5 teams from the nfc and afc are on their A-game

Here's my picks


1.Jets-better than anyone when Sanchez steps up

2.Ravens-need I even say anything?

3.Steelers-Good team that will have a close battle with Baltimore for their division

4.Patrioits-the only team us Jets fans have to worry bout. though last week didnt say much for them

5.Raiders-Lately they have stepped up so they get this spot in hopes of a rise in the black hole nation. the nfl truley is better when even the worst teams are playing better.


1.Giants-the only team in the NFC that I think could go all the way right now

2.Packers-cheese heads, look upwards and be hopeful

3.Falcons-atlanta is playing as good as most of the NFC

4.Saints-WHO DAT?


to be honest picking 5 of the "best" teams from sh!tty NFC isnt too easy

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    1. Steelers- Not much needed to defend them being top 5, but there are times during every game when this team becomes complacent. It's obviously easy to say that after their recent MNF performance, but I really think it could become problem. Regardless, it's the only weak spot on a team that does everything well.

    2. Jets- No argument really needed here, either. With an offensive line, run game, and defense like theirs, Kellen Clemens could lead these guys to the promised land.

    3. Ravens- Same story different setting. There's definitely an elite 3 teams in the AFC. Flacco is maturing, Rice and Boldin are studs, and both O and D lines are getting better and better after suffering somewhat of a drop off in recent years. Then comes the drop-off...

    4. Colts- The defense is an absolute sham and the injuries are killing them. But that means things can only improve. Which is somewhat scary considering they are still in great position in the AFC South. Offense isn't at it's best, but you still have Peyton Manning. Defense is still mediocre, but at least they have their stellar pass rush still of Freeney and Mathis. Things could be worse.

    5. Patriots- I could have easily gone with the Titans or Chargers here though. I really love the Titans defense and Chris Johnson combination and the Chargers offense is elite no matter who Rivers is handing off to or throwing to (MVP if they make playoffs?), but the Patriots don't do anything terrible and they have a serious intangibles advantage over everyone. The second-tier crop of AFC teams this year is a real crap-shoot.


    1. Giants- No brainer. Eli is getting better and better, which is really the only question mark you could ever think of with these guys now that the D is one of the best again.

    2. Falcons- Same thing, but their question mark was the defense, which is now stopping the run extremely well now. That gives these guys a huge boost, the only glaring weakness is being in need of secondary help, but it's manageable. Hard to beat these guys in Georgia.

    3. Packers- Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Clay Mathews, Charles Woodson, B.J. Raji. As long as those 5 guys are in there, the Pack can literally insert anyone they want to in other positions and this team is fine (and they almost have had to with all the injuries). Obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but these guys will make the playoffs easy and they have the star-power to get hot come January.

    4. Eagles- These guys look really good with Vick and McCoy. Jackson and Maclin are a pretty underrated 1-2 punch as well, they're almost impossible to cover. The high pressure defense is still solid as well. They just often like to play down to the level of their opponents, which might just speak to Andy Reid's coaching, but who knows.

    5. Saints- By process of elimination really. The NFC West is awful. I'm a Bears fan but Chicago is the worst 5-3 team in history without an offensive line or an effective secondary. Minnesota and Dallas have been extremely disappointing. Washington is having problems with McNabb and their defense is brutal. Tampa has been a pleasant surprise and I don't think the youth is a problem, I just don't trust their defense in late game situations nor the offense's ability to put up points if they have to in a shootout. That leaves you with the reigning Super Bowl champs. Who, if nothing else, still have Drew Brees and a defense that is capable of forcing turnovers.

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    1. Ravens- week to week they are the best team in football, very consistant all season except the buffalo game

    2. Jets- two weeks ago i had them number one, after the last two games number 3 was tempting...

    3. Steelers- i think their best football has already been played and their last two games have been dreadful

    4. Patriots- the browns game aside this team just finds ways to win

    5. Titans- very under-rated right now, Moss will open things up for Johnson who i expect to start shredding defenses again


    1. Falcons- they have struggled at times and lucked out in some games but the offense is feirce and the defense is not to shabby.

    2. Packers- the keep playing well despite the slew of injuries which makes you wonder what could have been this season

    3. Saints- they are on the cusp of a run thanks to a weak second half schedule

    4. Giants- they dont have a single quality win and have been blown out twice by AFC south teams

    5. Eagles- with Mike Vick under center they might be the NFCs best, with Kevin Kolb? not so much

    i agree that picking five from the NFC is tough because they all are pretty weak, they have looked better the past few weeks but its just because there havent been any high profile inter-conference games lately

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    1. Steelers (Solid D and O)

    2. Ravens (Solid D and O)

    {3-5 any order: Jets (Sanchez too green), Pats (Great Coaching that makes them better than their numbers but weak D and undependable O, Colt (Peyton Manning!)}

    NFC. Top 2 teams just as good as top 2 AFC teams ---wait and see.

    1. Giants (Dominant D, great coaching, finding their stride)

    2. Saints (Reigning Superbowl champs that are shaking off some rust)

    After NFC # 1+2 I don't see a contender.

    3. Eagles (Depending on Vick)

    4. Falcons

    5. Performance drops off too far. I don't count # 5.

    Source(s): My source: Watching games, ESPN, stats and standings.
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    1. New York Jets

    2. Pittsburgh Steelers

    3. New England Patriots

    4. Baltimore Ravens

    5. Indianapolis Colts


    1. New York Giants

    2. Green Bay Packers

    3. New Orleans Saints

    4. Philadelphia Eagles

    5. Atlanta Falcons

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    1- Green Bay Packers

    2- New York Giants

    3- Atlanta Falcons

    4- Philadelphia Eagles

    5- New Orleans Saints


    1- Baltimore Ravens

    2- Pittsburgh Steelers

    3- New York Jets

    4- New England Patriots

    5- Kansas City Chiefs

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    You call the NFC sh!tty but the Eagles just beat the Colts.

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    1. Pittsburgh

    2. N.Y. Jets

    3. Baltimore

    4. Indianapolis

    5. New England

    1. N.Y. Giants

    2. Green Bay

    3. Atlanta

    4. New Orleans

    5. Washington

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    1. Jets

    2. Nobody else worthy of mentioning


    1. Nobody worth mentioning.

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