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World of warcraft - Top 10 DPS Classes?

Based on the patch, in YOUR opinion, what do you think the top 10 DPS classes are?


Mike. im 14.

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    Like I said in your other question...

    It’s not a matter of opinion. Opinions are only about subjective things, and in a video game where DPS is calculated based on statistics and player skill, we’re dealing an objective idea, not a subjective one.

    Asking which class is the most fun is subjective.

    Asking which one performs best is objective (not opinion).

    And here’s the problem:

    You can’t determine what the best class is for DPS because it varies wildly from situation to situation.

    You might have a Hunter do top damage on one boss, and 5th place on another, because the mechanics of the first fight favor Hunters, and the second one doesn’t.

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    A lot has to do with the player too. When I play my Lock, I'm lucky if I can pull 5k dps in ICC, I let my friend play it and he was pulling 9k LOL.

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    My raiding has been fairly limited since the patch dropped, but from the group I usually run with it seems to go in this order;








    Death Knight



    Source(s): Dunemaul Alliance side.
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