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How do I capture live video while at the same time using Chroma Key effect?

In Vegas Pro I can import video but instead of importing, I could switch it so on my computer I can see what the camera sees and I could record from my laptop. How can I do that but add-in the chroma key effect at the same time. Could Vegas do this? Is there another program that does this? I need an answer fast, Thanks.

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    when your capturing video with your lap top just save it as a file then apply chroma key to it later by importing the saved file into whatever editor your using and apply the chroma key effect to it its not more complicated than if you want to apply an efect to a live streaming image your going to have to look for a web cam capture program like cyberlink web cam but there effects arent custom they are limited

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  • melin
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    3 years ago

    I want Adobe foremost professional. it could produce chrome key result with any historic past shade. It has many video and audio layers (default 3 movies, 4 audios). that's elementary to apply and versatile too. right here you may seize clips, edit, and export it to VCD, DVD, video archives .Mov, nevertheless physique, audio .wav. you may set up a third party utility as plug-in for particular result

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