Can someone summarize what the book "Double Take" by Kevin Connolly is about?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi! Kevin Connolly here. Just saw that you were asking for a summary! Well - and I hope you're not trying to have this summarized for some freshman reading course - I'll do my best to summarize my own book.

    So I was born without legs. Doctor's called it a "sporadic birth defect", or "bilateral amelia". I had two sisters and parents who treated me like everyone else growing up. I learned about MacGyver and his excellent inventions. I started skiing on a monoski and eventually ended up competing in X Games. I took silver in 2007. Then, using the funds from my win at X, I bought a bunch of plane tickets and traveled around the world between my Junior and Senior year of college creating a photo series of people staring at me. This collection of portraits was eventually titled "The Rolling Exhibition."

    The final third of the book takes place back in my home of Montana during a long hiking trip. During my hike, I reflect on my adventures over the past summer while keeping an eye out for hungry wildlife. The final tragic chapter takes place on Sailor Lake, where I am attacked by a mountain lion. Surviving the initial encounter, I nevertheless died a tragic death of attrition on the long hike back to my vehicle in search of medical aid. A sad way to end the book, but nevertheless, I'm currently working on a second one. Kinda tough to create a new narrative if you've already been killed by a mountain lion, but nevertheless, I am prepared to try!

    Source(s): Me - I wrote the book.
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  • 3 years ago

    Double Take Book

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    9 years ago

    Some guy who hated doing his homework so he paid people to do so

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