What could be my objectives during my job keeping in view my following duties?

• Responsible for myriad administrative and office management duties in support of the GSO and Procurement services of Estates Section

• Acting as Deputy Information Management Officer (DIMO) for provision of assistance to all iRecords® users in the Technical Works Group (TWG)

• Acting as Super User to provide assistance to the F3G intranet users

• Acting as On-Call Duty Officer and covering some duties of Line Manager for provision of general services to the valued (foreign) customers, and answering of all queries

• Processes of maintenance works requests, monitor maintenance work in the Main Office building / 136 On and Off Compound properties, supplies, warehousing

• Implement existing corporate policies and best practices on Procurement, ensuring maximum value for money

• Oversee property management, ensuring the office, residential properties and official vehicles are fully operational as required, underpinned by an on-going proactive maintenance schedule and value for money

• Ensure full compliance with corporate procedures, including local and UK health and safety regulations and policies

• Ensure environmental/sustainability methodologies are integrated into the organisation

• Facilitate the process of procurement and delivery of project goods and services

• Organize meetings including venues, facilities, document preparation, catering and security clearances

• Liaison with UK based employees in regard to different GSO activities

• Updating work request database, scrutiny of vouchers/dockets; preparation of OGD’s billing / recoupment documentations, and compilation of reports as required of TWO

• Handle petty cash; prepare TWG casual staff salaries and charge hand bonuses, and liaison with account section to ensure payments are made accordingly

• Complete enrolment documentation of casual (daily wages) staff

• Facilitate in obtaining security clearance internal/external

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    It just means that if anything goes wrong it was your fault cause you were responsible for it. Job description title should be scapegoat.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your objective would be to do the work efficiently.

    Source(s): I am a rocket scientist
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