true or false US history. fun stuff?

True of False history?

1) President Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives and tried by the Senate.

2) The Black Codes gave black citizens the same rights as white citizens.

3) An important achievement of the state government in the South during Reconstruction was the establishment of public school systems.

4) The Merrill Act did not allow states to use federal land grants to establish colleges.

5) Both the North and the South used conscription (a draft) to raise armies during the Civil War.

6) In 1860, 75% of southern white families owned slaves.

7) May immigrants came to the United States during the Civil War.

8) During the Civil War, more soldiers died of illness than were killed in battle.

9) President James Buchanan used force to try to prevent the Southern states from seceding.

10) After the Civil War, the Freedmen's Bureau provided food, clothing and medical care to former slaves but not to poor whites.

11) Laws passed before Reconstruction that required racial segregation were called "Jim Crow" laws.

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    1. False (it was Andrew Johnson, then Bill Clinton).

    2. False

    3. False (public school systems actually became established shortly thereafter, in the 1880-1890 time frame).

    4. Don't recall.

    5. True.

    6. False. It was about 1 in 5.

    7. If your first word is "many," that depends on how much is "many." But, the Civil War pales as a period of immigration to the Irish relocation in the Forties, the "railroad" immigrations which settled the West, or the Ellis Island immigrations at the turn of the century.

    8. True.

    9. He was a Southerner; he did not have to.

    10. The Bureau was set up specifically to aid freed slaves, which included no whites.

    11. My recollection is that Jim Crow came after the army was withdrawn, but I would look that one up.

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