During midnight sun, does the moon appear at all?

According to this page - http://www.alaska.com/2008/10/16/1920/daylight-and... - the sun stays up for several days during summer in the Arctic especially at latitude 66º and further up north. When that happens, does the moon appear at all? If it does, how long does it stay up? And at which phase does it appear?

And as an additional question, when the sun eventually sets in summertime, how long does it take before it rises again? I'm really curious.

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    The moon is independent of the sun, so it will rise and set as usual.

    As for how long it takes for the sun to rise again, not very long. The sun just keeps dipping below the horizon for longer and longer periods.

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    Whether Sun or Moon; it will appear there while in the Northern (Celestial) hemisphere. Moon has a cycle of a month (hence the name 'Month') and Sun has a cycle of a year. So half that time each of them is in the Northern hemisphere, appearing above horizon in the Arctic circle.

    Only when diametrically opposed to Sun, Moon is Full. And hence the brighter fortnight of Moon is in Southern Hemisphere, when it is below the horizon (invisible). First & last quarters of Moon (Month), when it is in crescent or New Moon states one can see it, if it isn't too feeble in Sunlight.

    After the Sun sets in Arctic summer, it will be night (=Sunless) for six months before Sun appears again for the next six months.

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    The length of the midnight Sun depends on the latitude of the observer. In the most extreme case, at the poles, day lasts 6 months and night lasts 6 months. The Moon is above the horizon for two weeks and then below the horizon for two weeks. It can be any phase depending on the relative positions of Sun and Moon.

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    Just like every where else, the moon orbits the earth, and as it orbits it goes through it's phases to a full moon, then you start seeing the moon during the day.

    If the sun light isn't really bright in the land of the mid night sun, you will see it.

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