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Common German phrases with English translations?

I'm going over to Germant and I need just common everyday phrases (and some ones about picking up German girls) I like someone who knows the language to answer not just and online translater but anything will do

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    Hallo - Hello

    Guten Morgen - good morning (formal)

    Guten Tag - good day (formal)

    Guten Abend - good evening (formal)

    Gute Nacht - good night (formal)

    You can just say Morgen, Tag, Abend, or Nacht to say these phrases informally.

    Grüß Gott - something like greet God (used in southern Germany and Austria)

    Auf Wiedersehen - goodbye (formal) or just Wiedersehen is informal

    Ciao - bye (informal)

    Tschüß - bye (informal)

    Wie geht es Ihnen? (How goes it to you?) - How are you? (formal)

    Wie geht's dir? or Wie geht's? - How are you? (informal)

    Gut, danke. Und dir? - Fine, thanks. And you? (informal)

    Mir geht's gut, danke. Und Ihnen? (to me goes it well, thanks) - Fine, thanks. And you? (formal)

    Wie heißen Sie? (How are you called?) - What is your name? (formal)

    Wie heißt du? - What is your name? (informal)

    Ich heiße Jutta. Und du/Sie? - My name is Jutta. And you?

    Wie alt sind Sie? (formal) / Wie alt bist du? (informal) - How old are you?

    Wie spät ist es? (How late is it?) - What time is it?

    Wie viel Uhr ist es? (How much hour is it?) - What time is it?

    Es ist halb eins. (It is half an hour before 1.) - It is 12:30.

    viertel vor - quarter til

    viertel nach - quarter after

    Wo ist die Toilette? (Where is the toilet?) - Where is the bathroom?

    Bitte - please

    Danke sehr / Danke schön - Thank you very much

    oder - or

    aber - but

    und - and

    weil / denn - because

    There is a lot more I could say but this is taking a while. I offer beginning German lessons over skype for $20/half hour so if you're interested send me a message. =P

    Source(s): I hope to add a German major if I can still graduate on time with the second major. Right now I'm a minor. I've also been to Germany twice and converse in German weekly.
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    Okay, there's the one very important line you must remember, especially when you see the police;

    (German:) Nicht schiessen! - (English:) Do not shoot!

    That's it.

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    Wie heissen sie? "What are you called?" or Wie ist ihr name? "What is your name?" are good starters.

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