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Libs, do you consider this Yahoo article to be racist?

A new report has found that black boys lag behind their white counterparts in reading and math to an even greater extent than previously thought. The sponsor of the report -- the Council of the Great City Schools, an advocacy group for urban public schools -- calls the findings as "jaw-dropping."

The study concluded that the school performance gap between black boys and white boys couldn't be chalked up to poverty alone. That could provide ammunition to those who argue that cultural factors, as opposed to economic forces, explain low educational performance among African-Americans.

The study found that just 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, compared with 38 percent of white boys, the New York Times reports. Only 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math, compared with 44 percent of white boys.

The report also says that black boys drop out of high school at nearly twice the rate of white boys, and have SAT scores that are 104 points lower, on average.

Poverty isn't the sole explanation for the differences. The report found that poor white boys do as well at reading and math as non-poor black boys.


Jay: You can't be very perceptive if you mistake Asian for black

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    They're reporting the findings of a study. Maybe you fight the results of the study racist but I think Yahoo reported on the results with care. I'm glad that Yahoo is reporting on issues like this because until we understand the issue, we can't do much about solving it. If we understand why black boys don't do as well in school maybe we can do something to help them and to keep them from dropping out so that they'll have a better future.

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    For some reason, your question reminds me of this white guy I knew. He was always talking down to me, as if he were smarter than me with his 118 IQ (mine is 136). When I was away for boot camp, except for one other girl, I had the highest ASVAB score in my division. I'm Black, by the way.

    I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods on the southside of Chicago. Getting an education just wasn't a priority for most. This report, and you, seem to suggest that Whites are inherently more intelligent than Blacks. That is simply not the case. It's part of the so called "culture" of so many of the Black kids. You don't have to be educated to play ball, or rap; but, you can be very successful. I can tell you the Chicago Public School system does nothing to promote learning. Most teachers are there for the paycheck only. I can't tell you how many children I have known who couldn't read past the 4th grade level, but graduated high school and dropped out in the 9th grade. If a child doesn't care about getting an education, and has no one to stress the importance of it, they more than likely won't do well on tests. Skin color has nothing to do with it.

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    It's not cause there black, it's the way people treat blacks that make us feel as if we can't. We can't do this cause were black and it's not true but so many people r so content with being a rapper or basketball player or singer or dancer or drug dealing nurse. At first it wasn't r faults but now we have more chances but r still constantly thought as low and dumb and as HUMANS, some break under the pressure and fail. Not because blacks r failures but because some of us r tired of trying really hard and only getting half of what the white man or women gets. It's not fair. This world is so obsessed with looks and if blacks had more European features no doubt we'd be thought as better but just because that's true doesn't mean that it'd change how we think and act. Color is nothing. People need to realize that. Looks can't indicate what we do, say, think, act, if were nice, bad, hostile, sweet, doesn't matter. It's your environment that tells you that.

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    The article is detailing a report. Objective reports cannot be subjective, hence they cannot be racist.

    HOWEVER, racism does some into play in the reading of this report. If the report is read as suggesting that African Americans are intellectually inferior to non African Americans based on race or culture alone, then it could be racist.

    On the other hand, a disservice can also be done if the report is read that thy are doing poorly because they do not have access to good schools.

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    The Yahoo article is not racist. They are just reporting the findings of this study.

    Now, the researchers that did the study, that may be another story.

    What is the point of researching something like this?

    A study like this can only promote racism. There is no other point to it. Why would you even separate the data into categories based on race, if you do not want to promote racism. Let's stop worrying about race and just treat people like people irregardless of the color of their skin.

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    It’s the results of inequity. That inequity is not just visited upon black children, but certainly upon black children on a far grander scale. It is not about less intelligence. It’s about equal opportunity. That means access to good schools, good teachers, a better learning environment, environmental safety along with parental education and involvement. Children need to feel safe and cared. They need to believe in a future that is actually obtainable through their own efforts. They need mentors across the spectrum of life - not just music and sports stars who so often do not set anything close to a good example. Centuries of institutionalization are difficult to overcome, but with help it can be done.

    These statistics do not indicate what can be changed; what can be overcome, but only what is wrong and worth addressing.

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    Unfortunately many young blacks consider education to be a white thing so they drop out of middle and high schools. It is not because they are black or incapable of learning but a hip hop street gang mentality sold as a cultural difference.

  • 1. No, I don't consider it racist. They are discussing RESEARCH. They are not discussing OPINION.

    2. What is MORE upsetting to me is that only 38% of "white boys" are proficient in reading. That means that OVER HALF ARE NOT. THAT is speaking a lot louder to me.

    3. What you have to look at is cultural - but not just the culture of the "black boys". Schools and teachers tend to take the extra time and work with those they have a personal connection to, as well as where it will benefit in the end. We are still coming out of the culture that blacks and whites could not go to school together. You also have to remember that most of the black youth tend to live in more urban - as in big city - areas, where whites are suburban and rural - where teaching salaries are higher and settings are more conducive to a pleasant working environment. Cities tend to battle with too many kids per class, kids that often are not properly supervised, and in the end see that getting a job takes priority to getting that education.

    Your statements of the article are very shallow - there is much more to all this than what you cover. Hell, for the first time in our nation's history, black youth can actually SEE they can become the President of the United States. When blacks are a vast minority in the world of corporate America, it is hard to encourage the black youth to strive for the stars when all they see are rap stars with tons of women, fancy cars and dripping with jewels making millions, and they don't have that high school diploma. How do you inspire someone to reach for the stars when all they can see is the top of the building? They have not had that shining example that anyone can reach those heights without having money and/or connections. Check out our college sports! How many of those young men are black? So they are seeing that if they want to have a lot of money, they either have to get involved in the music industry and get very lucky or be really good at sports and hope to go pro. And even when they achieve these plateaus, they end up with nothing to fall back on when they are the "one hit wonder" or they get injured and end up with no career.

    The color of ones skin has nothing to do with their level of intelligence or their IQ. Rather, it speaks volumes to how they are addressed and treated by this nation's teachers and citizens. This speaks a lot as to how well we aspire others to achieve. You can do whatever you like - just so long as you're white and rich.

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    You can't be racist for exposing facts (and I'm a liberal)

    these sorts of findings are crucial, not racist. there is a clear ethnic divide in educational success.

    women do better than men,

    the upper class do better than the lower class,

    asians usually do best in education, blacks usually do worst.

    they are publishing important findings that can help influence politics to help the education divide.

    I just think people are so afraid of being called racist that saying someone is black, or someone is white has now become offensive. its ridiculous. in being this paranoid you in turn support a stigma and generate racism. they are just publishing findings, get over it.

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    I wouldn't doubt it. I think in black lower income communities school knowledge is frowned on--its like whitey brainwashing u.

    That said, I've known people with 2nd and 3rd grade reading levels that could and would hustle white collar folk on a daily basis

    Source(s): inner city cracker
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