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can i major in photography and minor in photojournalism at the university of idaho?

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    You absolutely can major and minor in both of those. And while the other answer has a bit of truth that it is more difficult to find a photography job, I say follow your dreams. I am at UI majoring in biology to move onto Marine Biology. Follow your dreams!

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    You can major in whatever you want at all universities. But, photography as a major or minor will get you no where. Photographers are no longer in demand, like they used to be, because of the current technology (i. e., digital cameras). People are doing that themselves on their own spare time, so that's not a good thing to go into . You will make no money and find no job with that degree or skill. What you could do is take pictures of landscapes, etc., on your own, and publish the pictures in a book. That might help. But you would still need another skill, like nursing AND construction, in order to find a job.

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