I need help with an essay title about assisted suicide?

i cant think if anything good. everytime i do it just doesnt flow.

the essay is more focused on oregons suicide law compared to other regions.

i agree with it to an extent but not completly.

help? (:

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    That is what my topic is for English 102, I've written 3 essays so far (I'm pro A.S.). I've written about Jack Kevorkian and his impact on AS in the media, the legalization in the 3 states with 'Death With Dignity Acts' (Oregon, Washington, and Montana), what the conditions (they must be 18, be competent, etc) are to get the prescription, that it takes away the patient's autonomy to choose their method of death, the expenses of long term care of terminally ill or chronically ill patients, how palliative care (removing life support and life saving measures to hasten death) & the different types (Passive Voluntary Euthanasia, Active Voluntary Euthanasia, & Physician Assisted Suicide)

    You can get the information about the Oregon DWDA stats A http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/pas/ar-index.shtml

    Hope this helps!

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