Are Richard Barnbrook and Mark Collett still BNP members?

The Barking and Dagenham Post suggests that Richard Barnbrook has been expelled from the BNP, but the BNP website seems quiet about the loss of its only member on the London Assembly.

And his profile on the Assembly website lists him as an Independent.

On a similar vein, but from a far less reliable source, does anybody know if Mark Collett has been re-admitted to BNP membership as stated on Wikipedia

Yes, I know that Wikipedia isn't reliable, but I'd be interested if anyone, possibly inside the BNP knows. Since Griffin's allegations that he made threats to kill were dismissed by police, the position might have changed.


Hi NLV - no complaints about Woolas, found guilty by a fair court, it will be interesting to see voters' reaction to the LibDems in the resulting by-election.

Update 2:

Baiting, Foxy? Moi? How could you?

I must confess, that the coalition and the spillover from Labour's defeat has made UK politics a lot more interesting, although not necessarily in a good way!

Update 3:

Hello Sheepy, the thing stopping me, is that I really don't want my e-mail address to end up on a BNP mailing list.

Update 4:

Redmonk - if you want a question about Phil Woolas's quite justified disqualification from office, then ask one.

If you want a question about the three Labour MPs who will face criminal charges over expenses claims, then ask it.

But what gives you the right to tell me what questions I should ask?

And if you don't have a sensible answer to a point I'd like clarifying over those who have crossed swords with the BNP leadership, then why waste your time answering?

If you think that my little question can in any way divert attention, rightly focussed on bigger news issues, then you're even dimmer than I thought.

But don't tell me what I am or am not allowed to ask questions about.

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  • 9 years ago
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    To answer your question, I do not know.

    It is interesting that a democratic organistation kicks out the toad faced liar Richard Barnbrook, not for spreading lies, but rather for having the cheek to think that he might be a better leader than the ever wonderful Nick Griffin!

    Mind you, I am more interested to find out if those convicted of terrorism offenses are still BNP members.

  • mesa
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    3 years ago

    Richard Barnbrook

  • tom
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    9 years ago

    Oh this makes me laugh. You can really get a feel of what it is like inside the BNP when it spills out into the open.

    Mark Collett was kicked out of the BNP for threatening to kill Griffin. This was a coup attempt. Not the first that has happened this year as many BNPers are fed up of Griffin. They realise Griffin is their only hope, but hate that fact, so they try and get rid of him and think everything will be the same, only better.

    Just as they think they can get rid of blacks and asians and things will get better. Or that they can get rid of the EU and everything will just get better. If it is not simple, they won't understand it, so they have their simple views of the world and of their own party.

    Apparently people were getting fed up with the issue of money. Griffin having said he would give 10% of his EU wage to charity, has so far given £1000 to a BNP run charity.

    The guy was also in trouble for having sex with 14 year old girls. Now, the BNP going on about muslims being paedophiles....

    But the best bit is this. When he was kicked out, they all started to call him a nazi. They spend their whole time saying they are not racists or nazis, and yet they accuse their former friends of being this.

    Barnbrook's kicking out is a little less dramatic, an attempt at taking over from Griffin saw the BNP lose someone who people might actually have heard of. He is a such a brave man, or was, according to Griffin. The guy suffers (or suffered) from a rare disease that is actually impossible. He is supposedly verbally dyslexic, as if he reads with what he says from his mouth. I really need to speak to some people who know about reading with soundwaves. There must be a specialist around here somewhere.

    He is currently listed as an independent on the london council.

    There have been cases of the BNP kicking people out and then silently letting them back in again. But as long as Griffin is around, he will not let it happen. His position is worth too much to him!

  • 9 years ago

    Scep, how naughty of you, while three Labour MP'S are on the point of paying for their fraudulent activities and attending the nearest court session, and poor Woolas is sent packing (by a court decision no less), You have to take our minds off the fact that the Labour party are full of criminals and liars and all you can think about is poor old Barny and Collett

    I can just imagine your thoughts on this matter:

    Sceptics mind starts to ramble ''By Jove! BNP Paul, Sheepy, Crow and Redmonk were right about Labour being a party of criminals and liars (god I should know I tell enough fibs to haunt me time and time again). What can I do to get them of my back? I know create a diversion. Lets Start by asking a question that not only do I already know the answer to but have been ramming down their throats for the past year.

    They are so thick (well Red is anyway he never went to university like I did) they wont remember me saying that Collett and Barny were expelled, expelled and expelled from the BNP. Wait a minuet! what if one of them gives me an acceptable answer? Gosh! that will be difficult even for my hybrid brain but hang on I could always say 'the thing stopping me, is that I really don't want my e-mail address to end up on a BNP mailing list.' Yeah take that you BNP scoundrels'. What these BNP guys do not understand is that you have to have been to university to tell whoppers like I do. God I'm so proud of being a brilliant fibber''.

    Anyway, I suppose your answer is yes it is very quiet at the moment, we will have to wait and see but having said that, I personally would welcome Barny Back but would be displeased if they took Collett back.

    ATB Red

    Edit: Oh! I almost forgot, and all Labour MPs are up in arms supporting the Liar in order that they can carry on lieing too.

    If only Sid James and Charles Haughty were alive Now. If they were I would look forward to their new film

    'Carry on thucking up and lieing in the Labour party'

    (I'm sorry Babara didn't mean to miss you out Sid wouldn't work without you)

    Meanwhile Harriot does her best to get assassinated by other Labour MPs

    Come on Scep you can see the point can't you, with all that going on your wondering if two members of the BNP have had their membership reinstated.

    ATB Red

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm with NLV, Woollyarse is just intriguing me at the moment, and Clogg Hopper is more exciting to follow with his constant lies and denials. I did think that Collett was kicked out after he threatened to murder Mr Griffen, can't be sure, and anyway, I don't bate BNP people anymore, it's much more fun baiting all the other wasters in the House of Commons.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Admit it Sceptic. You`re asking this one just to put the bnp deadheads on the spot.

    It`s a bit like asking them if they`ve stopped beating their wives. There`s no good answer from their point of view.

  • 9 years ago

    as of tuesday last both are dressed as canaries held captive in my very own special menagerie. gordon brown is there as well, hes a bit sad been pecking at his feathers recently and refuses to eat his trill. naughty canary.

  • 9 years ago

    Both gone as far as I know, but then again I'm not exactly "in the loop" where party gossip's concerned.

  • nlv
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    9 years ago

    I really don't know as I'm having more fun with Woolasgate.

    Yeah I despise hyprocrisy.

    Edit indeed it will

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ask them yourself Septic

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