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Is unbalanced force relevant to the earth's rotation?

I tried asking this in physics but I didn't get much replies so I'm asking here.


Nope, this is not homework. Just something I would like to know.

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    Before the earth had fully formed it was an unbalanced swirling mass of... mass. As a rotating mass reduces its radius (as the earth did through gravity), conservation of angular momentum causes it to rotate faster.

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    The earth rotates as a result of the conservation of angular momentum.

    Even if there are forces acting to show that rotation down (and there are, tidal friction from the moon's gravity for example), that's not "unbalanced force."

    Unbalanced force results in either an acceleration or a slowing down, because the sum of all the forces acting on a body are not equal. Conservation of angular momentum, however, is not a "force" in that sense.


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    If you didn't get results in the Physics section, then ask in the Physics section of a differant Q&A forum, or just Google it, but this is not and will never be an R&S question.

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    Unbalanced force? You mean like Charlie Sheen?

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    I haven't seen the link yet, but I will say, yes definately...

    Okay, saw the link. From what I understand from outside sources there is actually force on the tabe in the opposite direction of the push.

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    maybe a part of it but mostly because it was spinning when capture by the sun's gravitational field or something like that

  • No one answered it because it's too vague a question and you're likely fishing for someone to do an essay for you.

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