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1984 short answer questions?

here are the questions and answers!

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    One: I, II, III

    1. Who is the main character? Describe the main character.- Winston Smith

    2. What is the setting of the novel? Give the country and the city.- Airstrip One, London

    3. What are the three slogans of the Party? Write them the way they are shown in the novel.- War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

    4. What does the caption on the posters say?- Big Brother is watching you

    5. Name each of the Ministries and explain its function. Also include the Newspeak name for each ministry.-

    a)Ministry of truth, minitrue, concerned with news, entertainment, education and the fine arts.

    b)Ministry of peace, minipax, focus on the war that is going on.

    c)Ministry of love, miniluv, maintain law and order in the city

    d)Ministry of plenty, miniplenty, look after economic affairs.

    6. What date does the main character record?- April 4th, 1984

    7. Describe the two people the main character sees just before the Two Minutes Hate.

    Tell what he thinks of each of these people.-

    a)O’Brien- he thinks that O’Brien hates Big Brother too.

    b)Julia- is Wiston lover and the only person he is sure that hates the party

    8. Explain the importance of Emmanuel Goldstein. Also describe the way his image looks.- is the former top member of the party and is only seen on the telescreen

    9. Explain the importance of Big Brother. Also describe the way his image looks.- dictator of Oceania, only seen on poster, may be fake

    10. What crime does the main character commit? How does he do this? What is the punishment?- thoughtcrime, writes down with big brother, arrested

    11. What is the telescreen and how is it used?- its kind of like a tv and is used to watch over people

    12. Describe thoughtcrime and give an example.- Thoughtcrime is thinking of anything that the party says is illegal, thinking about individuals

    One: IV, V, VI

    1. What happens to the rewritten news articles after Winston puts them into the pneumatic tube? Why is this significant?- thrown away, destroys the old artifact

    2. Winston thinks that what he is does is not forgery. What does he think it is?- to call it forgery would be thoughtcrime,

    3. What is Winston’s greatest pleasure in his life, and why is it so?- his work and its because he gets lost in it.

    4. Describe the aim of Newspeak and how it works.- aimes to narrow range of thought, makes thought crime impossible

    5. What is Syme’s observation about Winston’s appreciation of Newspeak?- He knows that Winston isn't in favor of Newspeak but needs to learn it because it will become the most used language.

    6. Winston is at lunch when the message on the telescreen relates the good news about increases in production, including that the chocolate ration has been raised to twenty grams a week. What is Winston thinking as he hears this message?- it was a reduction from the day before

    7. What is facecrime? Give an example.- improper facial expression, incredulous when state victory

    8. Who is looking at Winston during lunch? How does this affect him?- A dark haired girl, party agent

    9. What is the aim of the Party with regard to male-female relationships and sex?- They would prefer complete celibacy.

    10. What is the Party’s policy on marriage, divorce, and children?- The party had to approve all marriages and divorces.

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    1984 short answer questions?

    here are the questions and answers!

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