Pennsylvania district 1?

who won PA district 1?

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    4 years ago

    happy you asked. incredibly properly, incredibly. enable's evaluation the information. This grew to become right into a Closed often happening election that still blanketed a "specific election" to fill the late John Murtha's Congressional seat in the 12 District of Pennsylvania. Now this straight away eradicated any self sufficient voters, did you comprehend that? This additionally occurs to be a district that grew to become into particularly gerrymandered to handle Murtha's very Liberal balloting record. this implies, District 12 is two to a million Democrat over Republican. additionally evaluate, that Mark Critz the Democrat who won ran a campaign that grew to become into decidedly Conservative. From his campaign internet site: "Mr. Critz’s conservative Democratic values are consultant of the Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District. Mr. Critz is professional existence, a supporter of our 2d modification rights, a fervent believer in a reliable national protection and a supporter of transforming into an environment wherein small enterprise can flourish." Conservative? professional existence? 2d modification supporter? Believer in reliable national protection? helping small enterprise? Sounds greater like Rush Limbaugh than John Murtha, would not you're saying? as properly, he will would desire to stay as much as that for the subsequent countless months till November while he will would desire to run for actual and the place all and sundry in that district would be waiting to vote. So, as a staunch Conservative Republican enable me say, congratulations Mr. Critz. You ran as a Conservative. Now enable's see in case you reside as much because it. *

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