Assume God exists, is God...?

Assume God exists, is God objective or subjective? Explain?


a proposition is generally considered to be objectively true when its truth conditions are "mind-independent"—that is, not the result of any judgements made by a conscious entity or subject.

In philosophy, a subject is a being that has subjective experiences, subjective consciousness or a relationship with another entity (or "object"). A subject is an observer and an object is a thing observed.

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    Assuming God exists (as in, IF God exists), THEN He would be objective. If God were subjective - that is, He is mind-dependent - He could not be God, and thus God would not exist.

    As further proof that God would have to be objective, I will state a modified form of the First Cause Argument - not as proof of God's existence, but proof that He must be objective:

    1 - Material things are limited things. They don't NECESSARILY exist. For example, a tree only exists where it is planted, not on top of your head. You can easily imagine an instance where it doesn't.

    2 - It seems reasonable and universal that everything material (limited, unnecessary) has a cause.

    3 - If the universe is indeed material and limited, and every material/limited thing has a cause, then it must have a cause. If its cause is material, then that cause needs a cause, and etc. If all causes were material, there would be an infinite digression of causes and effects going on forever.

    4 - However, an infinite digression doesn't seem logical. If we see the caboose of a train moving along, we look for its source, and see it is pulled by the car before it. We ask where that car derives its motion, and we look to the car before it. You can say that each car has another car pulling it, on for infinity, but then you have a train running without an engine. This seems, at the very least, an unsatisfactory explanation.

    5 - If every material thing has a cause, and we want to avoid infinite digression, we need something not material (immaterial) to cause the chain.

    6 - If a material thing is something that IS and HAS LIMITS, an immaterial thing must be something that ISN'T and HAS NO LIMITS or IS and HAS NO LIMITS. Since the immaterial thing causes the universe, it must BE, otherwise the universe came from nothing. So the immaterial thing must BE, UNLIMITEDLY. In other words, it must be "Pure Being" or Beingness.

    7 - This idea of Pure Being is what we may call God. Objectiveness means it IS independent of us; subjective means it IS dependent on us. If God is Pure Being (ie. He just IS), then he is independent of ANYTHING for his existence, including mind-independent.

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    Gos is thus subjective.

    However, there's no reliable evidence for Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Thor, or any of the thousands of other gods that people have worshipped. There's also extensive evidence that they are all just myths, created to help soothe our fear of death, and perpetuated through religion to subjugate the underclass into obedience.

    Science has shown that there's no need for gods to explain the traditional reasons for a god -- origin of the universe, origin of life, origin of species, origin of humans, origin of morality. Science also shows us the psychological reasons that people believe in god(s).

    If a god like Yahweh or Allah existed there would be explicit evidence. No such evidence exists, therefore these gods do not exist.

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    9 years ago

    Wasn't John Lennon God?

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    9 years ago

    God is objective and not subjective.

    Additionally God is ABSOLUTE not dependent on anything else but on himself.

    God is not relative.

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  • 9 years ago

    all things are prime creator on prime creator's journey

    open your heart- the rocks, the trees, the stars,

    your pet will speak to you when you are ready

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    9 years ago

    I'm not sure you understand what objective and subjective mean.

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    God is a person of flesh and bone, so objective.

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    5 years ago

    God is the beginning and the end, so he was already here.

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    You are aware of what happens when you *** U ME something?

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