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Help!!! What is my baby name style?

What is my baby name style? I am a curious person and it is hard for me to catagorize them! : )


Aleskander Reece

Logan Henry or Hayden

Oliver Mason

Paul Isaiah

Carter Samuel

Isaac Cameron

Andrey (middle name ideas???)


Viktoryia Corrine

Mykinlee Isabella

Audreiana Gabrielle

Angelina Allyson

Tanya Sophia/Sophie

Keira Hanna

Tabitha Liliyia

Maggie Eliza

Please help me by telling me what my style is! im clueless


Please mature comments only : )

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    The names are ok, but go with more traditional spellings. Because A). some of those are going to be difficult for the kid to spell and B). Just because it's spelled differently doesn't mean it IS different.....it's still the same name.

  • 9 years ago

    (Mostly) boring, common names with the occasional boring, common name with a bad spelling.

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