Have you had problems with you BMW also?

I am not a lawyer,

This is a continuing saga of previous problems I have had with everything BMW related.

I just got off the phone with Carol ( (201) 263-8223)( also 1-800-831-1117 Nate Galmish, Jay Williams) at BMW Motorrad I have provided the phone number inorder that if you think I am lying you may call them. I have tried to communicate with multiple BMW reps and they all seem clueless! I feel like a Vampire or big giant leech has sucked all the life or blood out of me. I feel this way every time I try to communicate with BMW Motorrad. They do not seem to know about their products and refuse to let me talk to anybody that does. Even something as simple as trying to ask questions about BMW products. I called a seemingly non working phone number and e-mailed the BMW accessories multiple times, with not a single response. I asked Motorrad to either have a person contact me, give me a way to contact someone or let me talk to a person right then that knew BMW products and they refused on all accounts! My BMW F800GS is still in the shop!

I was told 2 times this go round by the seemingly totally incompetent and uncaring service reps at Battllys BMW dealer, my moto was ready and to come pick it up and it was not!!

To start this circus full of retarded monkeys trip off I had called BMW Motorrad was then told to call the dealer. I called Battley's BMW dealer and told them oil was running down the engine again and to order a valve cover gasket and they refused. I also asked them to replace my airbox they broke the last time they screwed with my BMW and to do the chain and sprocket recalls. I was told I had to make a appointment for a few weeks into the future and they would then decide if it needed a valve cover gasket. Now remember this expensive motorcycle of mine is just sitting around again not being ridden again seemingly do to BMW's uncaring incompetence.

When the BMW dealer finally got the moto and supposedly (fixed it) by replacing the airbox, chain, and sprockets, Battley's said it was ready and to come pick it up. I called back and asked "are you sure? What was done differently about the oil leak and the valve cover gasket? Is something warped? Battley's BMW response was that they knew nothing about the oil running down the engine or a seemingly faulty (again) gasket, and that I should have told them about it, and I was in the wrong for not telling them. I then said that I had told them to order the valve cover gasket and they had refused. I then said EVEN if I had not told you about the oil running down the side of my engine and the leaking valve cover gasket, it should be noticed. I said it has been proven to me more than once that your common practice is to send people off with oil running down the side of your engine. He reluctantly agreed to have the oil running down the side of my engine looked into. BMW dealer then calls or I called them and they admitted my BMW needed another valve cover gasket but BMW Germany was out of them and it would be at least a week. I told Battley's the BMW dealer that they should have ordered it weeks ago when I told them to, and then I would not be again, for a long period of time without of a fully functional motorcycle.Then the BMW dealer left another message saying my moto was ready to pick up. I then called and asked " Are you sure? nothing is leaking, running down the engine, falling off, cracked, etc" Battley's the BMW dealer said yes it was ready come and get it. This last time a friend and I waisted a whole day again with nothing to show for it but aggravation, lost money, vacation time and a acute trip to another BMW dealer. We drove the couple of hours to pick it up and when I left the lot the handlebar was turned way to the left while the moto was going straight down the road. I abruptly turned around and took it back to the BMW dealer, and they would not fix the bike! My motorcycle did not leave my hands with a !@#$% up front end. It got messed up by the dealership or the flatbed driver. I had to call Bob's BMW and beg them to take it and attempt to fix it so my friend and I wasted more time and drove our vehicles the 30 miles even further to Bob's hopping they would fix the moto properly.

All of the times I have had problems with this BMW I have tried to make Motorrad aware. Each time they seem to know little about the history of my BMW and admit they know nothing about their products and services.


that is 3 valve cover gaskets so far.

Yes I paid for a new 2009 BMW f800gs, from a BMW dealer.

Update 2:

ACTUALLY AFTER MORE THOUGHT I do not think it was the flatbead driver because I called Battley's and told them to check the bike for damage to the handlebar due to the questionable way the driver secured the moto. So I would think if the flatbed driver had damaged the front end then they would have noticed.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    i have put over 300,000 miles on airheads, almost 200k of that on one bike, almost trouble free, so I have never had occasion to call on a dealer or distributor for help. That said, BMWNA, the former distributor had an excellent reputation for customer service. They would often go way beyond the call of duty, and beyond the terms of any warranty, to make it right for a customer who got a lemon.

    Not so with BMW Motorrad. Moreover, their products are not nearly as reliable as they once were. I used to call myself a BMW guy, but like many others, I would not buy one of their new bikes.

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  • 9 years ago

    Lots of calls, etc to BMW noted--but NO calls or letters, visits to undisclosed states consumer protection, retail fraud, better business bureau, DOT license and Consumer complaint section. Why is that? You don't care about getting bike fixed with some kind of dealer incentive from the undisclosed state that licenses business? You just want to gripe on Yahoo? Are you in state of Delusion? Or state of Confusion where you're action are normal? Maybe you're in a State in the US that has a Lemon Law and will tell the dealer to repurchase cycle at original cost or in say Wisconsin where Toyota Prius owner got a $40,000 settlement for steering wheel collapse on the road--Nah, you must be in Yahoo state of Confusion since if you were in a real state you would note the calls to states attorney consumer fraud or the DOTs licensing and consumer complaint number. Do you get my not so subtle hint--CALL the states legal people.

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  • 9 years ago

    A have owned a Mercedes SLK Kompressor for almost 3 years and aside from one moron I encountered, everyone else was very professional, friendly even though I'm young (21) and I never felt like I was looked down upon at their dealerships both in sales and service. However.....

    ....now that I own a BMW 330ci sport coupe, I've noticed that the BMW people have their noses in the air bigtime and look down on me for being a "kid". It really annoys me. I feel that Mercedes is classier than BMW yet BMW has this attitude and not Mercedes.

    Luckily I bought my BMW from Carmax, but have a BMW warranty, therefore, Carmax gets to deal with BMW and not me. I mean I could deal with BMW directly if I wanted to, but I'm probably going to wait until I'm at least 15 years older before I do. Both my Merc and BM are great cars!

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
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  • Bob A
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    I've never had a problem with my old BMW or any dealers.I feel for your plight but truthfully all you can do is find another dealer that knows what to do.

    Source(s): 35yrs lic mech 40+ yrs riding
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  • 9 years ago

    There are BMW Oil-head and Airhead forums available on line, squawk all you want there, thank you!

    Source(s): Past BMW owner - loved mine and the dealer.
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  • 9 years ago

    Keep calling their toll free number to resolve your legal issue.

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