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what channel number is the cw on att uverse?

I live in Cleveland , Ohio. Thanks so much !

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    CW is an over-the-air broadcast network, like Fox, ABC, etc., so the channel number in your area will depend on which local broadcast station is the local CW affiliate. The link below seems to suggest your nearest CW station is WBNX in Akron. U-Verse in Cleveland may or may not have that station in its listing; you'll have to look for it.

    Because it's an over-the-air station, it will be listed among the HD channels in your U-Verse guide, if they have it at all. Just look for WBNX among the HD channels. Since the station is outside of the Cleveland area, it may not be there.

    Source(s): (Scroll to line #14.)
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    Att Uverse Cleveland

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