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How can you make a 5 object energy chain with four different types of interactions?

I need to create a 5 object energy chain with four DIFFERENT types of interactions. For example: a sun powers a solar panel, which powers a battery, which powers a toy car (i'm sorry, i can only think of 4 objects.) The sun to the solar panel is light interaction. The solar panel to the battery is an electric circuit interaction.The battery to the car is an electric circuit interaction. But i need all of them to be different. The event must be a realistic event, and you could use gravitational, chemical, heat, magnetic, electric charge, electric circuit, mechanical, light, etc types of interactions. Please help!

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    Sun (nuclear fission reactor) > light

    Light > PV solar panel

    PV Solar Panel > electricity (DC voltage)

    DC electricity > electrolysis of Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen

    Hydrogen and Oxygen > used as fuel to power a Combustion Engine.

    The Combustion Engine converts the fuel into Mechanical Energy to propel a vehicle.

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