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Enlist in the Navy and then apply to the Naval Academy?

I am a junior in High School and I am trying to decide the path in which I would like to take. I have a 3.8 GPA and involved in Varstiy baseball, golf. Also I'm in a couple extracurricular activitys that would help my application. Ideally, I would like a military career specifically in Naval or Marine Aviation. However, I am not sure whether I should enlist in the Navy ( or Marines), and then apply to the service academies. Would my chances of being accepted be greater this way?

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    As long as you are enrolled in a college prep curriculum, have earned varsity letters in baseball and/or golf, and prep for the Sat and/or Act and achieve good scores, it sounds like you should be competitive. If you have the chance to be team captain, take it as this is considered valuable leadership and about 2/3 of each class have been team captains. About the same number have been members of NHS, also considered exemplary leadership, so if you have not done the community service to join, do so. Enlisting is not the route to an appointment. The Naval Academy Class of 2014, included no direct appointments of enlisted Marines and five direct appointments of enlisted Sailors. Seven additional Sailors were appointed from the Nuke School. 8% of the appointments from the Naval Academy Prep School were prior enlisted Sailors and Marines.

    The Usna Class of 2014 Profile details the academic and extracurricular accomplishments of Candidates who successfully competed for an Appointment:

    Apply for the Naval Academy Summer Seminar when it opens for applications on Feb 1. It is only offered to HS Juniors:

    Suggest also applying to the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar when it opens for applications on December 1:

    West Point SLS opens in Mid December. West Point invites 1100. Usafa invites 1125. Usna invites 2250. Uscga AIM invites around 550. Colonel describes what West Point is looking for in SLS applicants:

    Read all the FAQ on the Usna Website:

    Helpful to read the Usna Catalog, particularly Chapter 2:

    Read all the FAQ on each Academy website and the Admissions Chapter of their Catalogs. The whole person score selection scoring, LOA(letter of assurance) Admissions process and nomination procedure are nearly identical for the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and West Point resulting in Class Profiles that are very similar.

    Usafa Class of 2014 Profile:

    The whole person score used by the service academies breaks down....

    Academic Composite(60%) + Extracurricular Composite(20%) + Selection Panel(20%)

    [The Pie Chart on page 7 of the 2010-2011 Usafa Catalog has the same breakdown of the whole person score.]

    Academic Composite = PAR + Sat/ Act

    PAR = Prior Academic Record = Weighted GPA + Class Rank based on Weighted GPA, correcting for competitive level of high school based on percent of students continuing on to 4 year and 2 year colleges.

    There are three rounds of competition in which a service academy appointment can be earned. Usafa, Usma and Usna essentially utilize the same whole person score admissions process with very similar selection criteria.

    1) National Competition for an Loa(letter of assurance.)

    2) Competition within nominating sources.

    3) Competition among waitlisted Candidates for declined offers of appointment strictly according to whole person scores.

    Each Rep and Senator can have five Mids he nominated and were charged off to him at The Naval Academy at any point in time. For each vacancy due to graduation or otherwise, he can nominate ten candidates to compete for the appointment. Candidates he nominates who receive an Loa and accept an offer of appointment are not charged off to him as one of his five Mids in residence. Without a nomination from some source, a Candidate cannot compete for an appointment beyond the first round competition for an Loa. With a nomination from any source, a candidate can compete within his nominating sources and then compete off the waitlist for declined offers of appointment. A further issue is that a Rep or Senator can:

    1) Name a Principal Nomination and rank Alternate Nominations

    2) Name a Principal Nomination and offer an unranked slate of Alternate Nominations

    3) Name an unranked slate of Alternate Nominations

    70% of Reps and Senators choose "3." For those who name a Principal or rank Alternates, as long as the Principal or highest ranked Alternate are triple qualified-scholastically,physically, medically- the whole person scores assigned by the Naval Academy are irrelevant in the round of competition within Congressional Nominating Sources. Also the Naval Academy Congressional Liaison Office notifies the Rep or Senator of the Whole Person Scores of any applicants to him for a Nomination and also of any Loa's assigned to any applicants for a Nomination even before notifying the recipient of the Loa. Since Nominations are not due to the Academy till late January and Loa's are made in the Fall, the Rep or Senator knows the Whole Person Scores and of any Loa's assigned before announcing his Nominations.

    The Naval Academy Summer Seminar application the past few years has asked for grades in HS Math, English, Chemistry and Physics. Usafa and West Point ask for overall GPA and class rank. Also Sat, Act or if these are not available, Psat test scores are required to apply to the Summer Seminars. The Psat Math section tests Algebra 1 and Geometry. The Sat Math section tests Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry. The Act Math tests Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry and Trigonometry. You should be prepping for and taking these exams now to try and increase scores into competitve range for an Loa. For any colleges that you are planning on applying to that require Sat Subject Tests, schedule those to coincide with the AP or Final Exam for the course. Nrotc and Afrotc open for applications in the Spring. The Air Force Academy assigns 500 flight school slots to the 1,000 2nd Lt's commissioning at the Academy and 500 slots to the 2000 2nd Lt's commissioning through Afrotc. Attaining a slot through Afrotc is quite competitive. Much more so than through Nrotc either Navy Option or Marine Option or through the Marine's prime source of commissioned officers, the Plc. The Marines will offer Nrotc Mo Mids and Plc Officer Candidates, who qualify, an Aviation contract as early as freshman year.

    Nrotc and Afrotc begin accepting applications for the high school scholarships in the Spring of Junior year. Nrotc(Navy Option) and Afrotc award the overwhelming majority of the scholarships to Engineering, Math and certain Science majors. Nrotc Mo and the Service Academies do not make selection decisions based on planned academic major.

    Good description of Nrotc by reading the FAQ on the website of the nation's first Nrotc battalion:

    Gives an idea of the competition for Afrotc Scholarships, though competition is also a local phenomenon as each detachment/battalion is allotted only so many scholarships and the Demand can vary from year to year:

    Helpful to read all the FAQ in each category at the above link. All Nrotc, Nrotc Mo and Rotc scholarships pay full uncapped tuition. Only 5% of Afrotc scholarships are uncapped with regard to tuition.

    Good Luck!

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    No. If you have enlisted in the regular navy as an e-1 (enlisted personnel), your only choice would then to request admission to OCS. The Navy would not allow you to switch to the Naval Academy until and after your original enlistment is over, and then you would be ineligible for the Academy as having prior service. Your best bet for admission to the Academy is to contact your local Congressmen for assitance and guidance.

    Source(s): Former Naval Recruiter
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    apply to the service academies, if you get rejected then too bad you can enlist or go to normal college and if you get in then good for you. don't make a decision before you even apply, you would be limiting your options for no apparent reason

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    "Would my chances of being accepted be greater this way?" - No, not at all. Additionally if you are active service you have to get a recommendation from your commanding officer. One additional thing that could be either bad or good.

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