How to get hair like this without heat?! Please help!!! (pic included)?

So I'm not using heat on my hair for the next 2 weeks because I've fried the crap out of it and I just got a trim so I want to keep it healthy. How can I get waves like this overnight? I have naturally wavy hair but I just dont know how to enhance them and make them wearable. Please help me!

(& don't suggest braiding my hair or scrunching it please because I've tried those a bunch of times and they just dont work for me/look good. thanks!)

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    9 years ago
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    This is very easy there are 2 ways the first you need to start of washing your hair and then towel drying after about five minuets of it being towel dried you want to put it up into a bun you can just do one if you like but i do 3 one for the left middle and right then just wait until the next morning take it out and wallah.

    the second you need to wash your hair again n towel dry it again, this time your going to need about 15 pairs sox or any fabric take the hair and wrap t around your mmaterialdo this to the whole head and the sleep the night take them out in the morning and its done.

    Hope this helps :) x

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    The best and popular method for today’s modern styles is to use rollers. Heat tools are very bad for your hair, even if using heat protestant beforehand. There are different types of rollers, depending on what you want to achieve and your hair type. The popular roller types are Velcro, plastic, and brush. You can also use sponge rollers for sleeping. You might want to start with medium sized brush rollers. They are relatively easy to put in and hold in place with a pick. For volume, use large rollers on the top of your head. You will have great long lasting curl without heat damage, too. To dry your hair quickly, use a bonnet type of hair dryer, or just let them air dry. Many gals roll their hair at bedtime and take them out in the morning, which makes styling really fast.

    You can get rollers at store like walmart, but they sell out quickly because they are so popular now. You can also buy them online.

    This popular yahoo group has tons of pictures for the latest 2010/2011 hairstyles without adds or pop ups. It can take some patience, because there are so many different styles to view. The link is below. It might be of help.

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    Check out Michelle Phan's video She does it using paper bags and also has another video of her doing it with scraps of old t-shirts. She used no heat. I think you might be able to get something similiar to it if you run your fingers through your hair when you take it down, and put some serum in it then just let your hair fall naturally. Hope that helps! :)

  • 9 years ago

    curlers but not to many and about 1/2 the recommended time

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  • 9 years ago

    try rollers they sell them at wall-mart you put them in your hair when it wets and then your hair dries and its like loose curles (waves in your opinion)

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    9 years ago

    i have hair that sorta loom like that heres how i do it

    wen ur don e with ur shower towel dry ur hair so its like kinda still wet

    put something like this in its wat i use

    scrunch ur hair and put hairspray in

    let it air dry

    hope that helps!!! <3<3<3

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