Amtrust changing to new york community bank?

Amtrust changing to new york community bank?

hi! is new york community bank and metlife the same thing? because i got a letter saying amtrust was transfer to met life and then another saying it was transfer to new york community bank

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have same issue/question. Metlife took over the loans (or servicing really, but same thing) and they sent letter stating starting Nov. 1, 2010, we should pay our mtg to MetLife (but if we did still pay Amtrust after Nov 1, 2010, payment would be forwarded to Metlife for 60 days). So we made our nov mtg payment to MetLife. Then we got a bill from "New York Community Bank" requesting us to pay our november mtg. payment to them. Hmmmm.

    First, NY Community Bank took over Amtrust in 2009, so they are the same thing basically. NY Community Bank (thru its division Amtrust) sold servicing rights to it Mortgages to MetLife. So, really, the bill you got from NY Community Bank is from Amtrust. But why is Amtrust still sending notices to make payments in November when MetLife clearly stated they should get paid in November (although, again, if you pay NY Community Bank, they will forward the payment to MetLife). I spoke to MetLife and they said Amtrust (AKA NY Community Bank) sent the payment notices "by accident". They assured me it was not in bad faith by Amtrust (that is fraud), but seems rather odd to me. Metlife told me to "discard the payment notice from NY Community Bank" and to pay Metlife.

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