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sway bar link? bushing?

How do you know when to replace these? (vs the sway bar itself)

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    Worn sway bar links will give a "clunk" sound over uneven bumps (like parking lot potholes). If you get the vehicle on a hoist, you can get under the car and grab the end of the sway bar and try to muscle it up and down (along the axis of the link). A bad link will allow movement; a good link will remain solid during this exercise. Make sure to check both sides--a bad link on one side can actually transmit sound to the other side. Basically the same test for the sway bar bushings, except you can also visually inspect for cracks in the rubber.

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    Inspect them, if they're cracked or dry-rotten you're due. The sway bar isn't usually replaced unless it's bent or damaged.

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