A Good Sci Fi story and title?

I Have to write a sci fi original story and i cant think of anything. Can you guys please give me some ideas and like how i could start the story. Thanks in advance.

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    First, choose a sub-genre of sci-fi: hard sci-fi, soft and social sf, cyberpunk, time travel, alternate history, military sf, superhuman, apocalyptic, space opera, space western, feminist sf, new wave, comic sf, or steampunk.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_fiction#Hard_... <---go here for full definitions of sci-fi genres.

    Depending on which you choose decides your setting for your story. But the protagonist (main character, usually good) and antagonist (opposite of the main character, usually wants to stop him/her fro succeeding in their mission) should be pre-decided.

    Use this to help form your main character if you need help







    Siblings (describe relationship):



    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:

    Glasses or contact lenses?

    Skin color:

    Shape of Face:

    Distinguishing features:

    How does he/she dress?



    Favorite Sayings:

    Speech patterns:

    Style (Elegant, shabby etc.):

    Greatest flaw:

    Best quality:

    Educational Background:

    Intelligence Level:

    Character's goals in life:

    Although it's not a book, you still need to have clear view of who the character is going to be. Even though you probably already know this, developing your main character helps with deciding what the story is going to be about.

    Ideas...I guess you could always do the classic space travel like in Ender's Game or you can try the secret agent facility angle that everyone thought didn't exist (Area 51). If you don't want something over the top, you can always try having the main character a normal kid that is thrown into the world of sci-fi. Cyberpunk is always a fun one to do. It take place in the near future. The setting involves robotics and the setting is usually distopian. Or you can try time traveling like Back to the Future. Or you can try an impending alien attack and only one kid can stop it from happening. It really depends on what you prefer.

    Story names are more fun: http://mdbenoit.com/rtg.htm <---random title generator.

    Hoped I helped! =)

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    Something within the description like, "Gremlins within the town." "A research long past incorrect." "Those are not any chickens." (lol.) "A technological know-how mistake." "Science long past incorrect." "A therapy, turns in to crisis." Stuff alongside the ones traces. Good good fortune!

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