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The New Yorks Jets??

Are they Really that good of a team?

Barely beating the broncos because of a pass interference penalty.

Getting shut out by the packers.

then bareley winning against the lions in overtime

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    I think they New York Jets are a great team this year. With such a mess in the NFL, I think any decent team can go far this year. The Jets are one of those teams. If it all comes together, which you hope it would by the end of a season. They did have a bad game against the Packers. But the Packers are also another good team that had an off night that night. 9-0 victory really doesn't show well for either team.

    The Lions have been very tough this year in most of their games. Beating them in OT is not much more than any other teams they have planed can say. Most of their games have come right down to the wire.

    They may be over rated, but if things keep going their way and they can work out all the kinks before playoffs, look for them to shake things up!

    Source(s): Vikings much of this year has been spent watching other teams since mine stinks!
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    They have been playing like absolute garbage the last three games, but if weren't that good a team they wouldn't be able to win two games playing like that. I hope nobody questions the talent that they have, because they have just as much talent as anybody in the league.

    But they've came out flat three games in a row, which is nothing but disappointing and concerning as a fan. They've had dumb penalties in big spots, dropped passes, fumbles and Brian "Schotty Doesn't Know" Schottenheimer hasn't called a good game since Buffalo, which my grandma could have done.

    Despite all those issues they're still 6-2 at the top of the AFC east with a 3-0 division record. If they can make a major attitude adjustment and some minor strategical adjustments, such as letting Shonn Greene get the majority of the carries and letting Santonio Holmes see the field more often, there's not a team they don't have the ability to beat.

    I don't think I'm telling you anything new when I say that it all comes down to Mark Sanchez. They have the defense that can stop the run and the pass, an offensive line, two talented backs and a stable of explosive receivers. He's showed flashes of great play on more than a few occasions, so he has it in him, its just a question of when the lightbulb goes off in his head.

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    The Jets are well Coached team with a very good defense,The only thing stopping them from being a great team is their young QB. Mark Sanchez needs more time to develop ,He's only played a year and a half !Not many QB's pick up the NFL that fast!Give him another year or 2 and he will be up their with the best.

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    No. The Jets are the most overrated team in the NFL this season.

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    I think you just answered your own question

  • Anonymous
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    I think they're overrated.


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    my cousin likes them.

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