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I am interested in studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden from America?

I am currently a freshman at Northern Virginia Community College in The United States. (I am in community college because I graduated early with a GED due to health problems). I am maintaing above a 3.5 GPA, and at this point in time am interested in pursuing a Journalism/ Communications degree. I used to live in Europe and am interested in going back to help out with my church in Stockholm.

I am very early in the research stage, but am wondering what options are available to a current college freshman from America who does not know any Swedish? Would a University accept me for Journalism? What kinds of options are there until I learn the language? Would I be able to work over there? What are some programs I should look into, whether it's for a summer or my whole college career?

Anything anyone might know on the subject would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's a wide range of programs in English in Sweden, so not knowing the language shouldn't be a problem (although some knowledge of Swedish will certainly allow you to get more out of your stay).

    Stockholm University has a Master's program in media and journalism:

    You can look for other programs at

    By the way, anybody thinking of studying for more than a year in Sweden should consider signing up in the accomodation queue at (joining is completely free); they don't have all that many apartments, but the ones they have have a high quality:rent ratio.

    Due to a recent change in the rules, you can only save up 90 queue days before you actually start studying at a university in Stockholm and join a student union affiliated with SSCO. Sadly, that won't be enough to get you an apartment straight away. However, on the bright side, it means that unlike previous generations of international students in Stockholm, you won't have to compete with an army of Swedish freshmen who already have 1000 queue days saved up, so you have a decent shot at getting a good, cheap apartment for your second year in Stockholm.

    Unfortunately, due to some recent law changes tuition won't be free for American international students anymore by the time you start studying here, and with the U.S. Dollar currently being quite cheap in terms of Swedish crowns, cost of living will certainly be a concern.

    Hope that helps! Stockholm välkomnar dig!

    Source(s): I'm a member of the international branch of the KTH student union (Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår)
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