Living or surviving? (looking for a new career choice in central NJ)?

This is what I have for my resume (sans contact info and references) I need some great info to help out. Just a recap on my current info:

working in a brokerage firm doing maintenance (in which I am currently fed up with), I did college and have an ASA and need to land a better job. Obviously, I want to live instead of surviving. I am 27, have MS (this is a reason why I am looking for a no labor job) and fee; that my time in college has been wasted.

(Also, I do not know which category to place this in so if this is in the "wrong" one, please forgive me)

Enough of the depression talk, here is my info:


Maintenance/Mailroom clerk/Operations assistant

MAXIM Group – New York, NY (Brokerage firm)

• BEGINNING: December 2008 – Present

• Maintenance responsibilities: Cleanliness of office space

• Mail room responsibilities: Sort & distribute mail, deliver office supplies to departments.

• Operations responsibilities: Open, modify or close trader and personal accounts. Deal with NetExchange (Pro and 360),Microsoft Excel, and Document Tracking

Pre-Press Coordinator

Wyld Grant Format Imaging - Linden, NJ (Print Shop)

• BEGINNING: September 2008 END: October 2008

• Worked with client images for preparation before printing

• Use of Apple Mac Pro for projects and file conversions

• Worked on using Roland Solojet Pro III printer

• Helping with manual work in warehouse area (IE Lifting, sorting, packing and shipping items)

Product Placement Supervisor

Home Decor Products, Inc. - Edison, NJ (Home product seller)

BEGINNING: January 2008 END: January 2008

• Through Lorelei Temp Agency

• Placed product photos on website

• Fixed and cleaned digital images

• Placed or changed item prices

• Removed discontinued items

• Helped employees with troubleshooting such as HTML or graphic manipulation

Lead Graphic Designer

Ram Products, Inc. - East Brunswick, NJ (Dental and Fashion drill specialist)

BEGINNING: October 2006 END: August 2007

• Worked on photos of various products to be shown on Ebay

• Managed brochure template

• Managed flyer template, text color and product look

• Taken digital images of products for print or online viewing

• In charge of magazine advertisements with design responsibility

• Worked on excel for data entry

• Hard copy file work placed in order


• Freehand illustrations skills executed in various mediums (IE pencil, pen, charcoal, paint, pastel, etc)

• Desktop publishing

• Maintains own LLC (Real Myth Clothing)

• Maintains and updates own website (

• Freelance design

• Promotional work (i.e. flyers, letterheads, stationery signs, business cards, logo’s, and brochures

• Digital photograph retouching

• Advertisements for magazines, newspapers, and other visual mediums

• Web design and maintenance

• Execute thoughts verbally and visually

• Willing to learn new programs


SCHOOL: Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey GRADUATION: May 2006

DEGREE: A.A.S. in Media Arts & Advanced Graphic Design



Windows 95/ME/XP, Mac OS X Leopard


Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3, Illustrator CS/CS2/CS3, ImageReady CS/CS2, Indesign CS/CS2,

Procreate Painter 7, Corel Painter 9, QuarkXpress 6, CATMAN, Macromedia Dreamweaver 7 & 8 (HTML, CSS), Microsoft Applications (FrontPage, Word, Excel), Net Exchange 3.0, Net Exchange 360, Document Tracker

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    Hi there Living and Surviving,

    Looks like you have a diverse background. Some of the things that really stand out are your abilities to market and being coachable. I only say this because of your desire for more education as indicated by achieving an AAS for Graphic Design and then your transistion over the Maxim group in a completely different profession. You also have a diverse range of application skills.

    Have you thought about what your goals are? (What is your dream job?) Then, how are you going to get there? (Do you need more schooling, etc.) I also kind of make out that you have some leadership skills to boot if I am not mistaken by your Lead Designer position...this could help too.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Website Theme design

    Starting your own business at outlet stores/market places/online-store (Didn't find you online)

    You could also find a partner to help out the business angle

    I know someone with real success with illustrations for companies needing instruction manuals



    You could keep working odds and ends until your portfolio is large enough to approach a major retailer. Hone those skills and find a niche market. You could also do what I had done and take up a part-time business while you work full-time to make ends meet. Here is something you may be interested in Don't worry, it is not a friends and family hassling gig, but something you could do in the meantime.

    I wish you the best and if you know anyone else looking for a plan B, please pass my website along? Cheers!

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